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What is IVDD in Dogs?
IVDD, or Intervertebral Disc Disease, is a spinal disorder that follows from the herniating of an intervertebral disc inside an afflicted dog. A gelatinous substance that is surrounded by a thick outer layer can be found between the bones and spine in dogs.
What is the treatment for dogs with IVDD?
The diagnosis and treatment for Intervertebral Disc Disease need to begin as early as possible in order to achieve good treatment outcomes. That's why we recommend taking your dog to the vet for a full examination if you spot signs of IVDD in your dog. Delays in treatment could lead to irreversible damage.

How to Help your dog with IVDD?

Using a dog back brace for ivdd, like the Lovepluspet Back Brace, which was designed with input from veterinarians and provides comfortable but firm support to help stabilize the dog’s spinal column, and may help in specific situations. This dog brace provide support to the dogs' injured back, helping dog walking daily.

If your dog has severe conditions, you could use dog wheelchair to help your dog walk.

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