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Why Choose LOVEPLUSPET Brace

  • High quality dog brace supports CCL injury, luxating patella, arthritis, and more
  • Professional guides and services to help you choose the correct dog brace
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Dog Brace

Our Process


Choose A Brace

Select the appropriate brace for your dog's injury or ailment. Consulting a veterinarian is always recommended.


Measure Your Dog Size

Each dog brace should measure your dog's circumference. Following sizing guides to ensure the right fit. Email us if you are still unsure.


Complete Your Order

We ship dog brace daily, Monday thru Saturday. Need to check up on the delivery of your order? Contact us now!

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Unbox & Introduce

Take brace out of box and introduce to your pet before attempting to place on it. Learn more tips and advice.

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Free Fit Consultation

Simply email us within 2 weeks 3 nose-to-tail photos of your dog standing in the brace so we can check the fit and application, provide specific recommendations for your dog, and ensure everything's dialed in for optimal fit.

Customer Reviews

Customer Satisfaction is Lovepluspet's Number 1 Priority.

We will try our absolute best to ensure you have the best experience on our Website.

Below are a few reviews from our beloved customers. You can find many more in the product description of our braces.

By Carter on

Sadie is 12 years old with hip and knee dysplasia. It distressed her and us. So we bought this knee pad, it's the perfect size and hangs nicely on her leg. This also gives us hope. She started walking for a while and I could see how happy she was. Thank you so much! I would 100% recommend this product.

By Winston on

My dog hurt his knee playing with another dog, and limps intermittently when he over exerts himself. We got xrays done, vet thinks it's a ligament and referred me to a surgeon. As this is only intermittent, I'm trying him on rest, red light therapy, and a knee brace before trying surgery. He's a smart guy and hasn't tried to chew it off. He seems to have more confidence in the leg while wearing it on walks.

By Shawnt-zee on

Gave my dog renewed life Our dog is 14 and paralysis is progressing quickly in his hind legs. We’ve tried a lot of things to help him and nothing has worked. It didn’t feel right to make the difficult end of life decision knowing he was otherwise healthy and we could try a wheelchair first. We are so glad we purchased this! It took a week or so for him to fully adjust, putting him in it for small periods at a time. Now he’s got a new lease on life. He can get around much more independently and is getting the exercise he needs - This has also helped get other bodily functions to work more normally/regularly. We can take him out again to the dog park and on walks.(:

By Wendy Hawrot on

This is my first purchase from this company. The brace we ordered is high-quality but unfortunately it did not fit our dachshund because of his shape. They have excellent customer service. I will definitely buy from love plus pet again.

By Nathalie Zepek on

Great help Loved it, I only had it a couple of weeks but I feel that it is helping my dog get better. I was told by the vet that he probably won’t regain movement on his back legs but w some chiropractic help and exercises, he is getting better. Slowly but better. The wheelchair helps keep his body in alignment and the straps in the back help him move his legs. But it also allows him to move around. I only wish it was put together when they send it to you. It was a little confusing trying to put it together.

By Jon M on

IVDD dog must have! Back saver/Life saver I love EVERYTHING about this product. We ordered it the day after our Winston, collapsed after trying to jump on the couch. He was diagnosed with IVDD. The first day after the diagnosis, my husband and I had to hold our dog's back legs up while he went to potty. It is perfect for Winston and for us as the caregivers. I do not know what I would have done without this genius product!!! This is an amazing product. Put Winston's legs in the holes, buckle it up, and we're good to go.

Research & Studies

How to Choose the Best Dog Wheelchair How to Choose the Best Dog Wheelchair
How to Choose the Best Dog Wheelchair
A Wheelchair is not cheap, choosing a right dog wheelchair for your dog is the most important thing. Here are some steps to determine what you dog needs for a wheelchair to make sure they get the best mobility cart for your dog. Finding the Right Size A fully adjustable dog wheelchair, adjusts in height, length and width allowing for a customized fit for every dog. LOVEPLUSPET wheelchairs provide an extremely simple solution for pets experiencing mobility problems. A dog wheelchair is ideal for both long-term use to keep dogs active or short-term rehabilitative use as a dog heals. Common mobility conditions in dogs that benefit from a dog wheelchairSevere hip pain from arthritis or hip dysplasiaDegenerative Myelopathy or DM – very common in German ShepherdsTraumatic orthopedic injuryDegenerative joint diseaseNeurological conditionCruciate tears and knee injuryParalysisSlipped disc or spinal conditionCancerDifficulty walking or staying uprightA dog wheelchair could be used as to tool to help them after surgery recovery. During the rehabilitative exercising, dogs would not drag and injured their paw, it will speed up your recovery. Select Wheelchair Frame Size by Pet’s Weight The size wheelchair you pet needs is determined based on their breed and weight. Select the frame size that best suits your dog’s weight: Small Dog Wheelchair Medium/Large Dog Wheelchair Large Dog Wheelchair
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The Advantages of a Small Dog Wheelchair The Advantages of a Small Dog Wheelchair
The Advantages of a Small Dog Wheelchair
Mobility issues and difficulty walking could affect every dogs. It's a hard thing to watch your dog struggle to walk because of their disease. A wheelchair is here to provide support and let them regain movement and freedom. Restoring your puppy's freedom is simple with just a wheelchair Benefits of a Small Dog Wheelchair Dog loves playing and running around, the loss of mobility let them in a bad mood, muscle atrophy. A wheelchair could resolve these problems a lot. Getting a wheelchair could regain their mobility, helps to back to normal life and improves their life quality. A dog wheelchair is not only for paralyzed dogs. It allows dog exercising to promote recovery after surgery. It provides powerful support for dogs have mobility issues. Moreover, it won't let your dog lazy because of disease. Why Would a Small Dog Need a Wheelchair? A dog wheelchair is provide powerful support for dogs who has difficulty to walk. Here are some symtoms to cause mobility problems in small petsTraumatic injury Intervertebral Disc Disease or IVDD – very common in dachshund and corgi breeds Hip Dysplasia or arthritis Degenerative Myelopathy Cerebellar Hypoplasia Neurological condition Back problems or herniated discs Finding a Right Wheelchair for Your Small DogFodable Rear Wheels for Small Dogs Fodable, easy to move Easy installation, convinient use. Lightweight material.Buy NowLittle Dog Rear Wheelchair Designed for small dogs. Adjustable with dogs Hip Width and Back Length. JUST 1.75kg of whole wheelchairBuy NowSmall Dog Wheelchair for Hind Legs Lightweight aluminum makes it easier for dogs to walk. EVA sushioned tire is durable. Free installation.Buy Now
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Is My Dog Ready for a Wheelchair? Is My Dog Ready for a Wheelchair?
Is My Dog Ready for a Wheelchair?
Dogs can't talk and tell us their feeling. Therefore dog parents need to pay attention to the subtle changes in their dog's daily behavior, so they could find the abnormalities in time. Determing whether your dog needs a wheelchair is a difficult choice for most of dog parents. In addition, there are much factors to consider because every dog is different. But with a better understanding of your dogs symtoms and actions, you would better decide if your dog needs a wheelchair? Signs of Mobility LossStruggling to Stand UpSwaying Hind EndOccasionally loses its balanceRefusing to Climb Up or Down the StairsUnwillingness to Jump on Furniture or into a CarScraping Nails or Dragging PawsDog tires quickly on their daily walk Common Disease Causes of Mobility Problems in DogsArthritisHip DysplasiaIntervertebral Disc Disease or IVDDDegenerative Myelopathy or DMNeurological DisordersSudden ParalysisKnee and ACL InjuriesLuxating PatellaSurgical RecoveryInjury due to accident or trauma Choose the Right Solution for Your Dog The Towel Test is best at-home method to evaluate your dog’s mobility and leg strength. Place the center of an old towel under your dog’s abdomen, holding both ends of the towel gently lift while supporting your dog’s rear end. During the test, your dog should be in a “wheelbarrow” position with a flat back. While lifting, carefully encourage your dog to walk forward. Observe how your dog moves during this test to determine the level of support your dog needs.
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