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Luxating Patella Dog Brace


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How can I help my dog with a luxating patella?
How Is Luxating Patella Treated? The methods for treating a luxating patella in dogs range from conservative medical management to surgery, depending on the grade of the disease. Most grade I and grade II instances are treated through pain and anti-inflammatory medications, weight management and exercise restriction.

Is there a brace for luxating patella?

Yes, Lovepluspet luxating patella dog brace can help canine patellar luxation.

There are specifically designed to treat luxating patella dog braces. these luxating patella dog brace provide extra support for your dog's patella during treatment and help your dog to heal.

Many dog owners use luxating patella dog braces as an alternative to surgery for chondromalacia patella when the condition is less severe. luxating patella dog brace allow your dog's soft tissue to stabilize and gain the flexibility it needs. There are several levels of severity of chondromalacia patella, so be sure to discuss your dog's specific needs with your veterinarian.

Dog leg brace typically come in two options.

Are dog knee brace for luxating patella helpful in treating dogs with patellar luxation?

The luxating patella dog brace for patella luxation is a suitable choice for dogs with luxated patella. Patellar luxation can be a painful condition for dogs, but it is also treatable. In severe cases, surgery may be required, but in many cases, a luxating patella dog brace can provide adequate treatment.

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