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Labrador Dog Knee Brace for Acl Leg Tear

Acl leg torn,Patellar luxation,Cruciate ligament injury,Patellar luxation
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  • The average adult Labrador weighs about 70 pounds, and they are a breed that is prone to knee issues.
  • The Labrador dog acl knee brace is recommended for patellar luxation, arthritis, and kneecap issues as well as cruciate ligament injuries.
  • The brace minimizes pain and offers excellent support. Dogs with ruptured ligaments in their hind legs benefit from knee pads because they keep Labradors from licking and chewing the injury and promote healing.
  • The Labrador dog acl brace enhances muscle group balance to give appropriate support to prevent re-injury and lessens loss of stability caused by damage.
  • The Labrador dog knee brace, which is used to repair ACL rear leg tears, contains a metal hinge on the outside of the knee that moves with the motion of the dog to offer maximum support and flexibility for a speedier recovery.

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Introducing Lovepluspet - Labrador Dog Knee Brace for Acl Leg Tear

Lovepluspet.com The Labrador Dog knee brace offers superior support and eases pain while assisting in preventing loss of stability due to injury. For more severe cases, dog knee braces for luxating patella are appropriate. They will aid in your dog's recovery and enable you to have a long and healthy life with your best friend.

Suitable conditions

  • Acl leg torn
  • Patellar luxation
  • Cruciate ligament injury
  • Patellar luxation
  • Arthritis
  • Kneecap problems
  • Tendonitis
  • Postoperative recovery

Applicable dog breed

  • Labrador Dog


  • Spacer mesh material
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Fastening straps with extra elastic

More details

  • The Labrador dog knee brace offers strong support, wraps and heats the joint, and helps reduce joint pain and inflammation. The dog knee brace aids in healing and ensures that your Labrador lives a long and healthy life.
  • Allows the Labrador's knees to stay fluid and flexible while still providing a high amount of support.
  • A strong metal hinged splint support system is used in the Labrador dog stand to support the rear legs.
  • High-quality, breathable, and flexible neoprene fabric is used to create the Labrador dog knee brace. Labradors are cheerful, energetic, and sports-loving dogs. Because the brace's soft fabric decreases friction, wearing it while exercising is more comfortable.


  • In order to provide your Labrador dog with more protection, the dog Acl brace contains a sternum strap and an adjustable connecting strap that can be adjusted to meet their size.
  • Dog knee braces for cruciate ligaments can enhance your Labrador dog's quality of life and hasten the recovery of the injured muscles. This is a great choice for post-operative recovery or choosing natural healing.

Size measurement 

  • Please take all measurements with the dog upright.
  • We advise using a flexible measuring tape or string. If you don't have one, you may use a string and take a ruler measurement afterwards.
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  • Name

    Labrador Dog Knee Brace for Acl Leg Tear

  • Applicable Symptoms

    Acl leg torn,Patellar luxation,Cruciate ligament injury,Patellar luxation

  • Breeds

    Labrador Dog

  • Materials


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  • Caring Tips

    Hand Wash

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By K***m on Aug 03, 2023

Our Sophie (a Labrador) has had surgery for a torn ACL in her left leg. In May, she tore her right leg while running on uneven ground. Fortunately, this tear was not as severe as the last time. She will be 12 in October and our vet has suggested we can treat her at home with anti-inflammatory and pain medication as needed and eventually the joint will stabilize. We decided to try knee pads and we saw lovepluspet's dog brace which seemed to be exactly what she needed. This has helped her so much! She's always been apprehensive about walking, but with the knee pads, she's ready to go. She wags her tail when she sees it. She even extended her foot to "help" us put it on her! It was a great addition to her home care and we are so glad it made her feel better!

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