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Questions about products

  • 1、How do I choose the right size?

    • You should follow the measurement steps to accurately measure the data.
    • Choose the right size according to the size chart
    • Here is the size selection guide for all our knee brace:
    • If you still have questions, please contact us.
  • 2、Which knee brace should I buy?

    • You could select a knee brace according to the medical condition and the surgery parts of the dogs leg. If you are still confused, please contact us, we can give you some advise for it.
  • 3、How to put the product on my dog?

    • You will find the instructions on the same web page of the product, just by scrolling down to the description.
  • 4、How long can I leave this product on my dog?

    • Remove the knee brace 2-3 times a day and let your dog legs breathe at night.
    • Every 4 hours should put off the knee brace to let the leg breathe

Questions about orders

  • 1、How long will it take for my brace to arrive?

    • We are always trying to get products as fast as possible to you! On average it will take 5-8 business days. Sometimes it will be much faster than that but in rare cases it can take longer as well. We will always keep you updated on the shipping process.
  • 2、How to return a product?

    • If you would like to request a return or replacement, please contact customer service by email, provide the order number, return and exchange card, and explain your reason.
    • Should you wish to return anything bought from us, we will be happy to refund a product, provided (in the case of any non-defective products) it has not been unnecessarily handled, i.e beyond the handling that you would do in a shop to decide whether to purchase the product.
    • Return the product in its original packaging, you should send product back to Lovepluspet center
    • Please note that our products fees are fully refund to you, but shipping charges are non-refundable.
  • 3、How can I cancel my order?

    • If your order hasn't shipped yet, you can cancel it from your account. Go to Orders, click on the order you want to cancel, and click the "Cancel This Order" link.  
    • If we have already processed your order, we may not be able to cancel it. We also accept returns within 180 days of purchase.
  • 4、How can I trace my package?

    • Once the parcel has been shipped you will receive an email with the tracking number to follow the shipment and probable date of delivery.
  • 5、How do I know if my order has been shipped?

    • Once the order has been shipped you will receive an e-mail with the tracking number.
    • You can check the status of your order by entering with you username in the lovepluspet.com web site, here.
  • 6、I have just made an order , but some information(the size, the address, the phone number) is incorrect, how can I modify the order?

    • If you wish to make a modification please contact us so we can make it before shipping.