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Do Dogs Need Surgery for an ACL Injury?

What is Torn CCL in Dogs?

ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament, and it is an important stabilizing structure in the human knee. Dogs have a very similar ligament, technically called the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). Even though “anterior” and “cranial” are basically synonyms, the term is different between humans and dogs. Both indicate a location closer to the head. But “anterior” is used in humans and “cranial” refers to the same direction/position in animals. This is Torn CCL in Dogs.

Because most people are familiar with the term ACL and they have similar meanings, ACL is often used more than CCL.

First, surgery is not always necessary. You'll absolutely want to consult with your vet, but most vets agree that a "conservative first" approach is best.

In most cases, you may want to try some home remedies and/or over-the-counter methods first. Again, consult your vet, but it's typically not recommended to jump right into expensive surgery. If your vet immediately recommends this, you may want to get a second opinion just in case.

What is ACL bracing?
An Dog ACL knee brace is a high level support brace used following ACL tears and ruptures. Dog Brace may be used instead of surgery, whilst awaiting surgery, or once recovering from surgery. CCL brace for dogs are a great way to provide extra stability to the knee, give it time to heal and prevent further injury.

A custom-fit knee brace is a good way to help support their injured knee and give it stability while they’re healing. CCL brace for dogs help keep their knee and surrounding joints in place while their body does the ‘heavy lifting’ and heals itself.

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