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Hinged Canine Back Brace

With Hinged Metal Splints
10 Reviews

Size Guide

Size measurement method

  • Measure the circumference of the chest, just a circle behind the front legs
  • Your dog must fit both back and chest measurements.
  • We recommended using a soft measuring tape.If you don't have one you may use a string and measure it with a ruler later.
  • If they are outside the measurement guidelines the brace will not fit

  • Firm metal splint support the dog back, helps to restore the action before and after surgery
  • Soft and flexible mesh contributes to the recovery of wounds
  • Elastic neckline for easy and comfortable wearing
  • Adjustable velco fit most breeds of dogs, will not fall of easily
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10 Reviews
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10 Customer Reviews

By Adrian Albrecht on 2022/09/05

Great product!It’s really helped my dog with IVDD


By Iddy on 2022/09/05

OMG. This product really works and has made a real difference in my dog. I never realized that dogs can have a bad back just like humans. I have never seen a product that works immediately right out of the package. My small dog is so comfortable wearing this back brace and sleeps better than ever before, wow, what a great product.


By Maria on 2022/09/04

My dog has severe arthritis with back/spine pain and he wouldn’t stop crying; pain meds weren’t helping. As soon as we put this back brace on he stopped crying and began walking normally. We leave it on 24hrs and loosen it at night. Before, we took it off at night and he would wake up screaming due to his back issues. Now, he has no trouble sleeping and every day he is getting stronger and walking better. This is an amazing product and I highly recommend it for pets with arthritis and back injuries. It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it and you won’t regret buying it. I’m going to buy a second one to keep as a backup.


By Molly K on 2022/09/03

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! My precious girl has IVDD & underwent a major spinal surgery at 2.5 years old. Because she is still so young and playful, she "tweaked" her back within a year. Bought this product immediately. OMG! Fits close to perfect , comfortable for her, & adds such a sense of security for me when she wants to behave like a young dog!!


By Rami on 2022/09/03

It help him keep him more stable and protect his back.


By Felix Acon-Chen on 2022/09/02

Happy with how it works


By Tracey Williams on 2022/09/05

I was very skeptical of a product doing everything it says, within moments of using. As soon as I put the brace on my dog his little tail wagged and he could move again with minimal pain. I am only sorry I waited to purchase it because of the cost, I did my research and I am so glad I did and very glad my research led to this product.


By pacatam on 2022/09/04

I have had great luck with this brace. My 15-year-old border collie has arthritic hips and was becoming wobbly. The brace is adjustable and gives her stability and confidence to walk & trot. It is easy to put on, the Velcro is very strong, material is breathable and easy to clean. I am very happy with this purchase


By Marissaleighg on 2022/09/02

My dog was diagnosed with a dislocated disc and the vet just prescribed a lot of pain meds. That didn’t help.He stopped taking the pain meds that didn’t help him and wears this instead and is doing so much better.


By Adrian on 2022/09/01

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