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Dog Front Shoulder Brace

10 Reviews

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  • Suitable for Elbow arthritis hygroma, dysplasia and recovery after surgery
  • Another choice to replace cone
  • Preventing dog to bite and lick the wound.
  • Soft and elastic Polyester fabric is comfortable for dogs to wear and let your dog move freely
  • A large shoulder fabric preventing to slip off.
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Introducing Lovepluspet - Dog Front Shoulder Brace

LOVEPLUSPET Dog dog front shoulder brace designed for Elbow arthritis, Elbow calluses, Elbow wound healing. It can also used to the post-surgery to cover ointments, wounds and bandages, etc. The fabric is made of polyester which is soft and elastic to wear. Wrap the injury to prevent licking and biting, Large fabric design on the shoulders not easy slip off.

Suitable conditions

  • Elbow arthritis hygroma, dysplasia
  • Elbow calluses, pressure sores
  • Elbow wound healing
  • Shoulder dislocation


  • Soft polyester
  • Adjustable velcro

Free Exchange of Unfit Size after Donation.

Size measurement 

  • Please follow the Size Guide below the price, there has the complete statistics.
  • If you have any questions about the size, please contact us email: service@lovepluspet.com

Quick tips

  • Allow up to two weeks for your pet to fully accept the brace
  • Wear the brace for 30 minutes a day, increasing 30 minutes each day after, for up to 12 hours.
  • Consult your veterinarian for specific instructions on when to wear your brace.
  • Remove the brace when your animal sleeps at night.
  • Inspect your pet for signs of skin irritation. If any are present, contact your veterinarian.
  • In addition to wiping the brace clean, keep skin and fur that comes into contact with the brace clean.
  • Inspect your brace regularly for any damage.


  • The main function is to assist wound recovery and prevent licking, it It has little support the leg.
  • Please remove the stent 2-3 times a day and let the skin breathe
  • Remove the stand if you keep your dog in a cage or leave them unattended
  • Remove the brace to let the wound breathe while resting at night

  • Brand


  • Product No.

    H0071, H0072

  • Name

    Dog Front Shoulder Brace

  • Breed

    Small Medium Large Dogs

  • Material

    Polyester, Velcro

  • Body part

    Front shoulder

  • Color


  • Clean & Care

    Hand Wash Recommended

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10 Reviews
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By a***r on 2022/9/8

Sanity saver!
My dog had a wound on her leg and when the stitches were removed she licked it nonstop and it was getting inflamed. Vet sent her home with a huge cone collar and she was supposed to keep that on for as long as it took. That was not happening. I ordered the first one and it came in two days and really seemed comfortable on her. It kept her from licking the wound and enabled me to stop monitoring her constantly. The bad part is that it got stretched completely out of shape after about ten days. My dog goes outside a lot and used it fairly hard. I ordered a second one that came yesterday and it is doing a good job. I’m hoping the wound heals before I have to get a third. It is expensive to have to do that but wouldn’t come close to the vet bill for a return visit for an infected wound.

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By E***y on 2022/9/5

My dog recently developed a hygroma on his elbow so I bought this along with a more expensive/sturdy elbow brace. I find that my dog and I both prefer this one for regular use. It’s nothing spectacular but it gives a little cushion and seems comfortable. It would be better if it had more padding but I’m going to see if I can sew some in myself. I’ll probably buy another one so I can wash and switch them out. It did take a while to receive but overall a good product for the price so far. It also looks cute, like a little dog sweat suit lol

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By M***s on 2022/9/5

This product gave me complete peace of mind knowing that my dog's surgery area was being protected and at the same time letting it breath. I loved this.

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By J***k on 2022/9/3

A lifesaver!
I was so excited to see a design like this. My dog tolerated his cone well, but I would have to take it off and wrap his leg (lick granuloma) at bedtime, and the bandage didn't always last until morning. I ordered 2 different brands because I wasn't sure about size and materials. The Suitical was a perfect fit, the size chart was spot on. The material is nice, stretchy and comfortable but still protective. Definitely something a dog *could* chew up, but that hasn't been an issue. I do wish the cuff was slightly tighter because it does roll up and exposed his injury site every now and then. I did order a second one of these, and the other brand I purchased based on the same measurements did not fit at all.

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By N***l on 2022/9/3

My 55 pound dog had to have a large tumor removed from his front leg. For the first few days he wore a cone / victorian collar bc the vet wanted it to be uncovered. EVERY time we removed the cone, as soon as we removed the cone, he would try to go after the stitches. After a few days, we put the suitical (size large) on instead of the cone. He did not seem to notice it was on (unlike with a cone). The material is stretchy enough to be comfortable, but not so stretchy that he could pull it up and get at the wound. It kept his wound safe and protected and did not bother him at all (and the last thing he needed after surgery was more stress!). There is velcro and also snaps on the part that fits around the body, making it super adjustable for different girths of dogs. I am just really impressed with this. My dog had a surgical wound/ stitches and not a hot spot, but I think this would be excellent for hot spots, too. It will fit either the front legs (left or right). I will probably buy a back leg version just so that I have one for any hot spots or other issues that come up in the future. Yeah, so in summary -- it is an awesome product that I would recommend to any dog owner.

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By S***y on 2022/9/2

These should win an award for the best invention for dogs. I tried socks, bandages, everything for my dogs callouses on his elbows. Everything just slid down or off. With these elbow protectors, he doesn't even know they are on. He can run, play anything at all and they don't bother him and at all, and the have nice soft padding as well. I'm going to order a back-up pair now that I know how well they work. I do wish they would come in black to match his fur, so they wouldn't show so much. Other than that, they are awesome!

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By k***t on 2022/9/1

I would have given it five stars but it doesn’t hold up too long. I ended up purchasing two more as the wound my dog had was slow healing. I was desperate for something when I found this as my dog wouldn’t stop licking the wound and it was getting infected. This really saved me money in the long run as I would have surely had another big vet bill if she had continued to lick it.

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By N***l on 2022/8/15

After surgery our pup would not leave scar on her leg alone and created a hot spot. This was the perfect solution for keeping it covered long term to allow it to heal. No cumbersome cone and it did not keep her from going in and out of the dog door. Saved her leg and our sanity!

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By L***s on 2022/8/8

Better than a cone!
For surgical recovery this is awesome keeps the area protected and out of kicking range. I got it to keep my dog’s leg with arthritis warm for comfort.

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By R*** on 2022/7/5

Good option
My schnauzer had a nodule that had to be drained on his lower leg and he is a compulsive licker and the collar wouldn't stop him from reaching it. We ended up trying this to cover it but let the spot breathe. It worked on the higher spot but didn't come down low enough on top of paw to stop him, so had to put a baby sock over it too. Its excellent otherwise. I wish it had a sock like bottom that covered his paw that you could use or foldup. Anyway its still an excellent alternative and has lots of adjustments for his body. soft fabric, suitical has lots of products that work! whenever we can avoid the cone we are happy!

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