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Elbow Support Brace for Labrador Dogs

Elbow Arthritis,Hygroma,Dysplasia,Shoulder dislocation
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Size: M
Leg Part: Left
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Size: M
Leg Part: Left
Left Right
  • Labrador dog elbow support braces typically have a set of movable straps and fasteners that fit around the front leg and are designed to target the elbow joint. These straps are made to gently apply pressure and compression to the area, which can help reduce swelling and inflammation while supporting the joint and can also help reduce elbow dysplasia issues in the majority of Labradors.
  • It is intended specifically to relieve discomfort, lessen tension, and accelerate healing in your Labrador Retriever's elbow region.
  • The Labrador dog's elbow joint and the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding it are the focus of this brace's unique design.
  • It offers the affected Labrador region external support and stabilization, enabling appropriate alignment and lessening strain on weakening or injured elbows.
  • To enhance the dog's comfort while wearing the brace, braces are often composed of strong, breathable materials.

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Introducing Lovepluspet - Elbow Support Brace for Labrador Dogs

Lovepluspet.com In order to treat elbow injuries or conditions, the Labrador dog elbow support brace is a crucial tool. It offers focused comfort, stability, and support to facilitate the healing process, increase your dog's movement, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Suitable conditions

  • Elbow osteoarthritis
  • Water tumor
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Shoulder dislocation

Applicable dog breed

  • Labrador Dog


  • 4mm soft neoprene with holes
  • Lining in nylon
  • Stronger Sticky Velcro Upgrade

More details

  • The brace is made to conform to your Labrador dog's leg characteristics, offering a tight, secure fit for the best support.
  • The Labrador elbow brace helps to lessen pain, stabilize the joint, and improve healing by offering external support for the joint.
  • By limiting the Labrador's elbow's excessive movement and rotation, it helps prevent discomfort and additional harm.
  • Additionally guards against pressure sores, elbow calluses, and Labrador licking, which speeds up recovery after surgery and promotes wound healing.


  • Your Labrador is given the much-needed support during usage by the soft, breathable compression fabric, while the elastic band and snug fit allow for flexibility and plenty of freedom of movement. It ought to be cozy for your dog.
  • Every day throughout the day, let your Labrador dog wear it; it is preferable to remove it at night so that the skin can breathe.
  • Please take off the brace before your Labrador dog bites it if it is left alone.

Size measurement 

  • The broadest part between your Labrador's body and legs must be used to estimate the elbow circumference.
  • Check the size chart to see the size corresponding to the size measured. If in doubt between two sizes, choose the smaller one.
  • Brand


  • Product No.


  • Name

    Labrador Dog Elbow Protector Support Brace

  • Applicable Symptoms

    Elbow Arthritis,Hygroma,Dysplasia,Shoulder dislocation

  • Breeds

    Medium Large Dogs

  • Body Part


  • Color


  • Clean & Care

    Hand Wash Recommended

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By B***h on Sep 11, 2023

The Labrador dog elbow brace is well made and the large size fits my Labrador baby perfectly. Since the poor guy had quite a bit of moisture on his elbow before I noticed it, I can't say enough about how high quality it is, the material feels comfortable and the workmanship is very fine. It’s adjustable, the bracelet fits my dog perfectly, and it’s easy to put on and take off. I definitely recommend it!

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