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Dog Elbow Wrap

17 Reviews

Size Guide

Size measurement method

  • Please do all measuring while the dog is standing.
  • We recommended using a soft measuring tape.If you don't have one you may use a string and measure it with a ruler later.
  • Check the size chart to see the size corresponding to the size measured.
  • To determine if it's right or left, stand behind the dog and look in the same direction.

  • Like human trousers, the reasonable design makes it suitable with both front legs.
  • Helps wounds heal and protects your pet from elbow calluses and bedsores.
  • Fits your pet perfectly for safety and comfort, and provides protection.
  • Bite-resistant denim fabric to prevent dog scratching due to eczema
  • Elastic and snug fit provide flexibility for easy movement.
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17 Reviews
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17 Customer Reviews

By Ralph S . Murphy on 2022/07/06

Worth the money.Good dog elbow wrap


By Door guy on 2022/06/15

Good concept and product. Our dog like the comfort as well.
Only question is durability over long haul. Seems like it could
use some extra elbow padding.


By Donna Heinrich on 2022/06/07

This product really helped my 11 year old black lab with her issues. Only problem is that it lasted only a short time (less than 2 months) and was not being worn everyday.


By Gucci on 2022/05/11

My 13-year-old terrier right leg gives out by the elbow so I purchase this immediately she walks fine and one a few days pass I took it off and it seemed to improve her leg. So I will put this brace on every few days.


By SoHonestItHurts on 2022/04/22

Our dog is a mixed Australian Cattle, lab and Pit. He is stocky and pure muscle. Measurements are NOT accurate, as I measured like they tell you in the listing and Mackie's measurements tell me extra large due to his chest. His legs are shorter and he's only 55#. I got a MEDIUM. It is almost too big. He was viciously attacked by two Black Labs while on a leash with my husband on a typical walk. This item has been perfect so far. No sliding of pads or bandages that are on the leg wounds. Leg part holds it in place. I recommend this product. Dogs come in different sizes and this item is stretchable with ample room to adjust. Do not purchase an Extra large unless your dog's chest is a to n larger than 31". Medium is good for our dog with a 31" chest and shorter legs. Good luck!


By Linda on 2022/04/06

Our dog was licking a wound post surgery. Shes not a good or happy coned dog (are they ever?). We got this and it was perfect. She still continued to lick but by using a trimmed panty shield adhered to the sleeve, she was not able to access her wound, was absolutely able to function normally, as it fits like a glove. Huge hint for those trying to figure out how to put it on since it comes wifh no instruction. Put leg into sleeve with the open end to the undercarriage of the dog. Place the dogs second leg thru rhe opening, bring up and snap closed. It took my vet correcting us after a 3week incorrectly using. It wasnt an issue, just stays in place much better when placed correctly. This is easy to wash and i will use this for every dog moving forward. Anything to minimize the use of the cone of shame.


By N. Mitre on 2022/04/05

I bought this the day our pup started limping. We put it on in the morning and took it off at night before bed. He used it for two weeks. It stabilized his leg and he was able to heal.


By JohnT on 2022/03/24

I feel this was quite expensive for what it it.
Quality seems fine.
Easy to put on but that really depends on your dog.
Unfortunately my husky who is like Houdini kept managing to take it off. Still can’t work out how he was doing it but he’s a crafty boy.


By Epiphany on 2022/03/17

Good quality product. Soft and seems comfortable for my dog to
Walk while healing elbows. I would buy this again.


By Edgar F. Garner on 2022/03/08

Our Senior Aussie has a weak left elbow and this brace has really improved his mobility. We remove it from time to time but he sleeps with it on most nights. There is a shot for dogs elbows, supposed to be good for one to two years at the cost of $2,000 -$3,200. Try this brace I think you will find it worth the cost and helpful.


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