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Extra Supportive Dog Carpal Brace

With Hinged Metal Splints & Safety Reflective Luminous Straps
10 Reviews

Size Guide

Size measurement method

  • Please do all measuring while the dog is standing.
  • We recommended using a soft measuring tape.If you don't have one you may use a string and measure it with a ruler later.
  • Check the size chart to see the size corresponding to the size measured.
  • If in doubt between two sizes, choose the larger one.
  • To determine if it's right or left, stand behind the dog and look in the same direction.
  • XXS size is a little small, please check the length carefully.

Bendable Non-bendable
  • Designed for Weak or painful wrists, Limping, sprain on the front leg.
  • Two options for metal strips Non-bendable Metal strips provide powerful support for Fracture leg and rectify the legs
  • Bendable metal strips wearing more comfortable and suitable for sprain.
  • Professional sports fabrics have perforated lining more breathable to wear
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10 Reviews
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10 Customer Reviews

By Sharpei on 2022/09/12

Purchased this item for a different purpose than intended - not to support the joint, but to cover a big bald hotspot he’d created from OCD licking. I’m delighted to say it’s actually working! I put a gauze pad over the spot to absorb any sweat and keep it dry. I cannot believe the strength of this Velcro! He has not been able to take it off, and believe you me, he tried repeatedly the first few days! I have to work really hard when it’s time to remove it, even after numerous washings.


By Ranger on 2022/09/12

Great Support for an Injured Leg
Bought this for bracing a sprain. Hard shell provides protection while allowing injury to heal.


By jthiel on 2022/09/09

wrist brace
its perfect for supporting his weak joint. they had to remove his hardware that made his leg nice and solid. so now he needs extra support till new bone growth is sufficient to support him. till then this brace does a good job


By Kali on 2022/09/06

These braces seem very comfortable for my Rottie. Had surgery on one leg and arthritis in other. In 3 weeks I can see improvement. She has elasticity in her gait and is not stiff day after. Thank you for a very well made brace. Would buy again


By DaneMom on 2022/09/06

Easy to put on and take out.


By Nellie on 2022/09/05

My 13 year old Lab has arthritis in her right wrist. She loves to play ball and this brace really works in offering her just the right amount of support while playing.


By Sara on 2022/09/03

Carpal brace
More than pleased with the brace, so much do that I purchased (2). We wish we didn’t need it, though fortunately it helps our wounded dog walk!


By luke on 2022/09/03

Great Product
I ordered this for my German Shepherd. it is a very good and well made product.


By 2witchycat on 2022/09/03

So my little deer nose Bruiser loves to jump from his chair or sofa. We have hard wood floors. Which really puts a hurt on his front leg joints when he comes down on them. He has been limping off and on. Cause it is really hurt to find anything for these xsmall breeds, these help. My little guy has a little more support and we hope it help keep the shock of jump from his front legs as much as possible. Plus we use floor cushions to help also. Recommend contacting vet so as not to cause more injuries. Plus side these are adjustable and read directions is always a must. Thank you


By Medfordbcs on 2022/09/11

Help for my dog