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Extra Supportive Dog Hock Warp Brace

With Hinged Metal Splints
10 Reviews

Size Guide

Size measurement method

  • Please do all measuring while the dog is standing.
  • We recommended using a soft measuring tape.If you don't have one you may use a string and measure it with a ruler later.
  • Check the size chart to see the size corresponding to the size measured.
  • If in doubt between two sizes, choose the larger one.
  • To determine if it's right or left, stand behind the dog and look in the same direction.

  • LOVEPLUSPET Extra Supportive Dog Hock Warp Brace can be used to Post-fracture stabilization, Ligament strain or sprain.
  • Inner hinged metal splints has more powerful supportive than other hock brace.
  • Metal splints are spring, make your puppy move actively.
  • Soft Neoprene is elastic, fasten the recovey.
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10 Reviews
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10 Customer Reviews

By Wendy taylor on 2022/09/08

Great customer service & quality
Fabric and fit good (small size fits wrist of medium size Labrador). Dog walked strangely for the first couple of outings but now she is used to it she seems to be putting a bit more weight on her paw. Washable and water repellent (good for a bouncy Lab). Currently only using when we go out of the house but already a noticeable improvement in her walking.
Purchased for a Lab with arthritic wrist and very noticeable limp. Would be a good idea to have a little internal pocket to put a magnet in to help with the arthritis. Recommend.


By Jasmine Leong on 2022/09/08

My 14 yr old sprained her leg really bad and she walked with bad limp. Her back leg was already bad so I could see the discomfort. I ordered this product to help, and it worked great. Because her leg swelled, I only used it when she needed to walk around or go outside. But if you need a quick leg support, pick one up.


By KaciDia on 2022/09/08

I got the small for my lab. She is the slender type. Still need a larger size but it was fine. I got this to put over her bandages to keep her from ripping them off due to her lick granuloma problems. She figured out how to get it off and she chewed it to pieces but it lasted for a couple of weeks and I was able to put duct tape around it and help make it more difficult for her to chew it off. So we got past the Open wound stage and got her leg all dried out and now she’s on the road to recovery with just regular bandages. This really did work For as long as it lasted.


By MarySue Larter on 2022/09/05

Since we put this brace on his leg, he can run and skid to a stop to catch his ball, and this wrap protects his leg perfectly. He hasn't torn it once since he started wearing it. At first, he figured out how to remove it, but once he got used to it, he's left it alone. We even bought a second one so he can wear one and we can wash the other. It is easy to apply and easy to clean and doesn't bother him at all to wear all the time. Durability is good. We are very pleased!


By Paul on 2022/09/04

Gives enough support to my dogs leg.
Limp was not cured magically but it was greatly reduced immediately and will hopefully promote healing.


By Augustine on 2022/09/02

I got this brace for my 24 lb puggle whose left leg is injured at the elbow. He's had the injury since he was a puppy when he got hit by a car (before being adopted). He's now 5 and the injury seems to be bothering him more and more. I was thinking of making him a brace to give him support but then I found this product. It seems to be helping him get around. I put it on him whenever we're going on a walk or going to the beach but take it off when we're home. It's a great product.


By Liz K on 2022/09/01

Got this for my dog who broke his ankle a while back, noticed he was having some discomfort while walking and I put the brace on him and he’s back to normal, he didn’t try taking it off and it fit perfect


By Kevin C. on 2022/09/05

Provides some good support but they could be stitched better,


By Dr. J on 2022/09/04

Better than the cone of shame!!!


By Patricia Gunther on 2022/09/02

I got this for my adult son's dog Luna, a lab mix. She has some nerve damage, and had been walking on her "wrist" instead of her paw for about a year. Her vet said there wasn't anything he could do except a risky surgery. This brace has given her the support she needs to walk on her front paw properly. Her quality of life had dramatically improved! I highly recommend this brace!