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Dog Rear Leg Hock Brace

With Safety Reflective Luminous Straps
10 Reviews

Size Guide

Size measurement method

  • Please do all measuring while the dog is standing.
  • We recommended using a soft measuring tape.If you don't have one you may use a string and measure it with a ruler later.
  • Check the size chart to see the size corresponding to the size measured.
  • If in doubt between two sizes, choose the larger one.
  • To determine if it's right or left, stand behind the dog and look in the same direction

  • Suitable for Hock joint injuries, hock Arthritis and surgery recovery
  • Compresing the injury to reduce the pain level.
  • A good choice for protection, it can contain plasters or bandages after surgery.
  • 4 lightable color to pick up.
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10 Reviews
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10 Customer Reviews

By Nancy Morris on 2022/09/15

Great product, worth the money and versatile!
I actually did not need it for a sprain injury, but rather to help hold bandages in place and relieve pressure and pain to a large open wound on hock.... working amazing! My bully has lick granuloma and constantly chewing and licking his paws. Having all four paws wrapped.... he proceeded to go higher up the back leg right into the bend and it was horribly deep! No bandages would stay in place from the bend in the leg and I stumbled upon this neat little brace and my dog is so happy with it on! I think it also somehow relieves the pressure on the open wound helping the pain while holding the gauze and bandages in place! Now if only they made a bull dog proof Elizabethan cone to stop future wounds lol! If you are hesitant about this product, but it! It works for many purposes and it is true to size. My bully is a 60 pound red nose and the medium fits well even with the thick bandages.


By Patricia I. Schaefer on 2022/09/03

Pleasantly surprised and glad I purchased..
I was very skeptical about this product but my dog has been sore in his hind leg for about 2 weeks so I decided to give it a try because seeing him limp around just isn’t great. We’ve been to the vet, got xrays and medication but no clear diagnosis. Treating for soft tissue injury but could be early arthritis or maybe even his ACL. Not clear just yet. Anyway.. He’s on medication and rest but was/is still a little lame. I was searching for info on canine arthritis, etc and came across this brace. I didn’t even know something like this existed. Got it. Put it on. It was a little awkward for about 30 seconds but lo and behold he was able to walk almost normal! I couldn’t believe that it actually helped. I put it on for a couple hours at a time around his feedings and when I know he’ll be up and so far it’s been great. He seems to be getting better every day and hopefully his injury is just soft tissue in nature. This brace is def worth a shot if your pup is having arthritis or potential ligament issues or maybe just needs a little extra stability.


By Fw on 2022/09/03

This did work!


By Jersey Girl on 2022/09/01

Great support so long as you install it correctly.
So I bought this for my boxer for her rear hind legs for the last 6 months just before her passing. While she pretty much hated wearing it, it actually did a pretty good job, giving some support to the joint area. Note, this is NOT like a cast, so while it will give support if there is no support from the dog's muscles to begin with, it probably will be of little use. Also, you do need to ensure it is tight on the leg area. Frankly, that took me some practice to get right and with it being on tight, your dog is likely not going to be too happy walking around with it. But like I said, it did provide support so if you were like me and frankly did not know what else to do (the towel under the belly really is not a good option) then this at least helped.


By Vedana S. on 2022/08/10

Well made


By herbivorehippie on 2022/08/08

Helps support my dog's torn ACL
Bought this for my 10 year old Australian shepherd who just tore his ACL to help support it while awaiting surgery. It appears to be helping him offer support on his rear leg and seems to alleviate some of the pain while he is walking on it. The measurement instructions were perfect & fits like a glove.


By Leepers on 2022/07/04

Stays up and in place
Works fine covers area and dog can not get to stitches.
The material is soft and doesn’t irritate stitched area of surgery.


By JB on 2022/06/22

Does the job
I’ve tried everything and this is the first thing my dog hasn’t eaten off his leg in under 10 minutes. Must be comfortable


By Bridget Livingston on 2022/07/20

Bandit has a torn ligament that just doesn’t heal. This brace had helped him get up easier and walk and run.


By Lori B on 2022/07/08

strong, durable and serves it’s purpose
Absolutely. He didn’t fight it at all. It gave his leg the support needed to get around without too much wobbling. Within a few minutes he was moving with enthusiasm. I still wanted him to avoid jumping on the bed but he did it anyway while I was sleeping. After a few days, I stopped putting it on him. He’s doing much better now. He’s more active, is able to jump on the bed, run, doesn’t cry at night and doesn’t shake when he’s standing. Do take it off at night to avoid chafing. I may purchase a second one to make sure that he has one for both hind legs should the other start to get weak.
Thanks a lot!