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Do Back Braces Work for Dogs?
Dec 01, 2022 | Dog Back Brace Blog | 0 | 3 | 0
Do Back Braces Work for Dogs?

IVDD, or Intervertebral Disc Disease, is a spinal disorder that follows from the herniating of an intervertebral disc inside an afflicted dog. A gelatinous substance that is surrounded by a thick outer layer can be found between the bones and spine in dogs. The support of a dog back brace can help to relieve IVDD back pain and provide stable for dog spinal.



How Do Dog Back Braces Work? 

Although a back brace will not cure IVDD or a disc condition, it can provide comfort and protection to help alleviate your pet’s back pain. LOVEPLUSPET Hinged Canine Back Brace designed to release your dog's pain from IVDD. IVDD occurs from dog's neck to lower back, which can affect the whole body. This products' Inner Hinged Metal Splints provide support and protection for the spine and back. 



Benefits of a Dog Back Brace


  • Provide spinal support above and below
  • Ease dog back pain
  • Stabilize the spine
  • Safely restrict a pet’s range of motion


How Does the LOVEPLUSPET Back Brace Provide Support ?

Lightweight Dog IVDD Back Brace designed to Dog's natural shape to ensure snug fit. Dogs with spinal diseases, like IVDD, need full support along the spine itself. This product built-in the hinged support to your pet's spine. It provide powerful support to back above & below


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