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Lightweight Dog IVDD Back Brace

11 Reviews

Size Guide

Size measurement method

  • Your dog must fit both back and chest measurements.
  • We recommended using a soft measuring tape.If you don't have one you may use a string and measure it with a ruler later.
  • If they are outside the measurement guidelines the brace will not fit
  • Measure the circumference of the chest, just a circle behind the front legs

  • This back brace is designed to the dog has IVDD and Arthritis
  • Suitable for Dachshund, Chihuahua, French Bulldog, small and large dog
  • Firm metal hinges support the back above & below
  • Breathable Neoprene prevent the water and let dogs feel comfortable
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11 Reviews
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11 Customer Reviews

By Alicia Underwood on 2022/09/07

The brace arrived within a week to Aus. Unfortunately the brace doesn't fit my pup took the risk on the size down, I will save up and get the larger size in a few weeks because over all it feels great and very high quality. I have no bad comments on the product & I am very glad I found it!


By Shawn Seay on 2022/09/07

Seems to help keep my dog from wiggling too much and definately helps when we go outside for restroom breaks. My daschund is a little odd shaped so I had to trim a little off the belly wrap part so that it wouldn't hit his anatomy.


By David Emerson on 2022/09/06

My senior pup has a veterbrae collapse. The L'il Back Bracer so far is superb. It provides very helpful stability. It's soft, breathable and appears comfortable. Impressive quality. It is much more effective than other braces I've tried which have been rigid, less comfortable, and unable to provide adequate therapeutic support to the lumbar (lower) spine.


By Joanie on 2022/09/04

My doxie had a mild episode of IVDD. Just 6 weeks of crate rest and a great recovery. Odds are that it can easily happen to her again. She has had a few flare ups and at the first sign, I put on her back bracer. Literally a life saver.


By Lori Baker on 2022/09/04

Odie is losing mobility in his back legs. The brace increases his ability to walk.


By 07/14/2018 Lana Cesmat on 2022/09/04

great product


By Charles Warden on 2022/09/01

The small brace is the perfect fit for my 7 lb. Maltipoo (at least we think he's a Maltipoo). He stands up straight when wearing it and I can tell a difference. He's getting used to it now, but the first few times he had it on he had trouble moving from laying to standing.


By Ellen S. on 2022/08/12

Our doxie had back surgery and since we received the back brace, her back is straighter and her hind legs are straighter. I just wish we had the brace when her surgery was fresh and she would have gotten the results then that she is getting now. I almost feel that she is beyond total recovery now but the brace definitely helps her now.


By Kelli Freeman on 2022/08/10

My little guy Zeus (miniature pinscher), has a herniated disk. He has flare ups that come and go but I can tell he’s much more comfortable wearing his brace! He walks better and I can worry less about further injury! Great quality, ease of wear! Completely worth it!


By Escarlet Garcia on 2022/09/06

I love it thank you so much