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Donation from LOVEPLUSPET to Grote Veterinary Clinic

Jan 03, 2024 74 0
Donation from LOVEPLUSPET to Grote Veterinary Clinic


Lovepluspet expresses gratitude to the growing number of customers participating in our "Donate Unsuitable Brace" activities. Through the generous contributions of ill-fitting braces, we are dedicated to providing support to dogs in need. This initiative underscores our continuous commitment to enhancing the customer experience while encouraging more individuals to actively engage in contributing love and strength to animal welfare. We eagerly anticipate a brighter future for countless furry companions through this meaningful activity.

Lovepluspet Dog Hip Dysplasia Brace

Lovepluspet's hip brace is uniquely designed to provide dogs with superior support and stability, especially for those with hip problems. Made from high-quality materials, this brace not only offers superior durability but also adapts to your dog's needs. Adjustments are required to ensure the most comfortable wearing experience. Lovepluspet hip brace provides your dog with the best recovery and care experience. We are committed to creating a healthier, happier life for your dog.

Dog Hip Dysplasia Brace

Dog Hip Dysplasia Brace


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