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LOVEPLUSPET | Donation Activity for Dogs | Adjustable Dog Acl Brace

Sep 14, 2023 Donation & Rescue 0 49 0
LOVEPLUSPET | Donation Activity for Dogs | Adjustable Dog Acl Brace


Lovepluspet is committed to delivering love and care to all dogs in need. As many of you may know, some dogs face mobility challenges for a variety of reasons and they need our help and support to regain mobility. This initiative aims to bring a touch of warmth and hope to these lovely lives. Our donation drive is to help these dogs in need. These braces are cleverly designed to provide extra support and stability, allowing dogs to stand and walk again. They are usually made from durable materials and can be adjusted to each dog's size and needs.

Lovepluspet Adjustable Dog Acl Brace

High quality neoprene rubber that is sturdy, flexible, and breathable makes up the adjustable dog acl brace. Stabilizer for hinge adjustment Innovative leg recovery positioning with variable flexion and extension helps to offer the best support. Excellent support and mobility to help with pain and discomfort relief.

Adjustable Dog Acl Brace

Adjustable Dog Acl Brace

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