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LOVEPLUSPET | Donation Activity for Dogs

Nov 30, 2023 88 0
LOVEPLUSPET | Donation Activity for Dogs


Lovepluspet is an organization dedicated to the welfare of dogs. Our mission is to ensure that every dog receives the best possible care and attention. A lot of help is provided to dogs in need through our inappropriate size donation to dog shelters. Our initial wish truly came true. We are deeply grateful for this. We have also witnessed more and more people joining us. Let us continue to work together to help more dogs, and ultimately fill the world with infinite love.

Lovepluspet Hinged Dog Double Leg Brace

This double leg hinged brace is designed for dogs who are unable to stand after an injury and features hinged supports. Luminous reflective tape makes it safer for dogs to walk at night and outdoors. The elastic fixing strap connects the collar and the back leg support, which is firm and not easy to fall off. Suitable for symptoms such as Tron CCL (ACL) injury, patellar ligament dislocation, dog hind leg arthritis, etc. Both legs are supported, protecting the health of the uninjured leg. Adjustable straps ensure the straps won't fall off easily.

Best Dog Brace For ACL Tear | Dog Cruciate Ligament Brace For Sale | LOVEPLUSPET

Hinged Dog Double Leg Brace


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