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Customer Vanessa Guite | Donation From LOVEPLUSPET

Jul 18, 2023 Donation & Rescue 0 17 0
Customer Vanessa Guite | Donation From LOVEPLUSPET

Lovepluspet has an unchanging love for animals

Together with our customer Vanessa Guite, we bring warmth to everyone and warmth to dogs. I hope that dogs in the world can be treated with tenderness.

Lovepluspet will strive to strengthen product research and development, so that more dogs in need can get better help!


Lovepluspet dog double leg brace

Dog double leg brace with hinged metal splint for dogs whose hind legs are injured and unable to stand. Luminous reflective tape makes it safer for dogs to walk at night and outdoors. Not easy to slip off, the elastic fixing strap connects the collar with the rear leg support. For Tron CCL (ACL) Injury, Patella Luxation, Dog Hind Leg Arthritis. With both legs braced, keep the other uninjured leg healthy.

Best Dog Brace For ACL Tear | Dog Cruciate Ligament Brace For Sale | LOVEPLUSPET

Hinged Dog Double Leg Brace

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