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Customer Brandon Charles | Donation From LOVEPLUSPET

Jul 10, 2023 Donation & Rescue 0 36 0
Customer Brandon Charles  | Donation From LOVEPLUSPET

Donations from Lovepluspet customers

Our products are dedicated to relieving pain for dogs. If the size of the customer is not suitable, we generally encourage him to donate, bring the product to dogs who need it more, and pass on the love!


Caring Lovepluspet

We always insist on bringing products to more dogs in need, hoping that they can use them to relieve pain. This is our purpose, to love animals and protect animals. We are indeed doing this and will stick to it for a long time


Lovepluspet product efficacy

The dog hind leg hip brace provides support for all-around wrap and support. The dog hip brace provides slight compression to the joints and muscles of the hip and lower back, stabilizes and warms the hip joint, reduces pain and swelling during exercise, stimulates movement of muscle groups and prevents atrophy.

Dog Hip Dysplasia Brace

Dog Hip Dysplasia Brace

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