DOGLEMI Original Dog Knee Brace For ACL Knee Cap Dislocation Arthritis Keeps The Joint Warm Extra Support Reduces Pain And Inflammation

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Item specifics

Product Name: Original Dog Knee Brace For ACL Knee Cap Dislocation Arthritis Keeps The Joint Warm Extra Support Reduces Pain And Inflammation
Material: Neoprene
Idearal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs


Product Features

Can be used for left and right

Whether the wound is on the left or on the right, this product gives good protection.

360º support

The auxiliary belt can ensure stability and improve the balance between the muscle groups to provide comprehensive support and prevent the injury from evolving into a more serious situation.

relief the pain

Helps reduce inflammation by increasing joint temperature and relieves pain caused by cruciate ligament injuries, osteoarthritis and kneecap problems.

Put on a protective cover to protect the joints

The dog knee brace provides protection and stability, helps to protect the wound after the operation, stabilizes after fatigue injury and recovers from the arthritis of the hocks, to prevent the dog from licking or touching water to cause secondary wound infection.

Fast recovery

Optimal joint temperature can increase blood circulation, improve oxygen delivery, and improve performance to speed up recovery.

Why are prone to knee problems in dogs?

There is almost no fat and muscle at the joints of the forelegs of dogs, and they are almost covered by skin. When the dog is lying on the ground or lying on its side, the front leg joints will be pressed tightly on the ground. When it lies on the ground, the weight of the upper part of the dog's body is pressed on the joints of the two front legs when lying on its side, and a small joint bone on the side will also make the skin soft and rub the ground. If this situation persists for a long time, it will have a certain impact. Some dogs with larger body and longer legs tend to fall heavily when lying down. The two front legs. The joints will be smashed heavily on the ground, which is also the cause of the joint disease of the dog's front legs.

The dog knee brace taking care of your dogs joints to help prolong their longevity and quality of life is a must. Wear and tear on the joints can be helped just by adding a little supplement into their food everyday.

Knee brace for dogs help to protect their joints and minimise damage to help keep them mobile and pain free for as long as possible!

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I am very thankful for this knee brace. My 12 year old 8 pound yorkie poo was diagnosed with a luxating patella (dislocating knee cap) that was giving her trouble for several months. My vet said surgery was the only option and claimed a brace wouldn't help. I found this brace and decided to give it a try as a last resort. After her wearing the brace for 3 days (not at night) she is no longer limping. Every once in awhile she will start slightly limping and I will put it in her for another day and then she is fine. Thanks to this brace she doesn't need surgery. If your dog has the same problem it's definitely worth a try!
What size was worn on your 8
By Carl Friday, 01 April 2022
Perfect little knee brace Best purchase ever ! Our 3 year old Maltese chihuahua started not walking and we took her to the hospital. We were told she has a condition that causes her knee caps to pop out of place randomly. She's so young we looked in to this brace. With in a few hours she was used to it and could then go up and down the stairs and shes back running around chasing her kitty. Im so thankful for this company and thier product. I followed the meaning guide and it fits like a glove on her , perfectly!
What size did you buy for your Maltese Chihuahua?
By Corgiliscious Sunday, 15 May 2022
My 75lb senior mix has a tear and needed some extra support and stability since she's too old for surgery. Tried a couple of these brace sleeves and this one is by far the best. Good material and contoured not to cut into the groin. Goes on and comes off easily, fastens securely and helps keep her much steadier on her feet while she heals. And she doesn't even try to pull it off, so I can only assume it's pretty comfortable. Would definitely recommend.
What size did you use?
By Sunday, 08 May 2022
Well worth the money to stabilize a tear in our Golden. He is 10 and we did not want to do surgery. Hoping for the best using this device waiting for scar tissue to form.
This knee brace proved to be a real game-changer for our older dog. I ordered one for each leg and receive the right leg first with just happened to be his worst leg the results were far better than I ever could have dreamed. The brace is made of high-quality materials and fit him perfectly and I with both braces he is so much more independent and so much happier. He had two torn ACL ligaments which at nearly 12 years of age the doctor said it wasn't worth risking putting him through the surgery. But these braces have really made a difference I just wish we would have found them a year ago excellent product!
Honestly works (give it at least a month). Our pitbull had CCL surgery on her right leg. Recently she tore her left leg and because of Covid we couldn't take her to doc. We have been using this for a few months now. She wears it every day (we take it off at night). She actually seems healed! She puts weight on her paw now and she can run again with both legs. They say the CCL can heal on its own if they dont use it and this device helped! It also saved us from paying another $4k for surgery again.
Wir haben die Knieorthese bestellt, weil unsere Labradorhündin sich leider beim Toben einen Kreuzbandriss rechts zugezogen hat. Mit einem Beinumfang von 38cm haben wir also Größe L bestellt und es passt perfekt. Vor dem Anziehen der Orthese lief sie nur dreibeinig, mit Orthese belastet sie auch das kranke Bein. Das Anziehen gestaltet sich einfach, mit Klett optimal einstellbar. Der Stoff ist weich, keine drückenden Nähte innen. Nach kurzer Gewöhnungszeit scheint die Orthese auch nicht zu stören. Sie trägt sie jetzt durchgehend bis zur OP in 5 Tagen. Wir sind sehr zufrieden und können die Orthese nur empfehlen!
Our boxer dog had surgery right above the knee. We tried everything after the robert jones bandage to keep him from licking and protect the wound. No other bandage or brace would stay in place because the knee is very mobile. This brace set works perfect as a lick guard for wound management around the knee. It also appears comfortable. It allowed for extra foam wound pad underneath. It can be used with any harness but the connecting strap is important.
Using this (XL) brace for large male akita while we wait for surgery to repair a torn (per vet) CCL. It’s given him enough support that he acts like he may not need the surgery - hopefully, when we get a break from covid, that will be the case. He does walk like a drunken sailor for the first minute after putting it on each day but quickly settles into it. We take it off at night. He’s had no issues or mess with urinating.
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