Wire Basket Muzzle

Wire Basket Muzzle Look Exactly Like They Sound, a Basket Strapped to Your Dog’s Nose and Mouth. They Can Be Made of Leather, Wire, Plastic, or Even Rubber, and Can Be Bought off the Rack or Made to Fit Your Dog’s Exact Anatomy. Their “prison Bars” Appearance May Look Like the Least Humane Choice, but the Opposite is True. in Fact, Many Dogs Seem More Comfortable in Basket Muzzles Than Soft Muzzles Because Their Mouth Isn’t Being Held Closed. Most Styles Allow Dogs to Open Their Mouths to Pant, Drink, and Eat. Some Even Have Slits Along the Side So You Can Slip Larger Treats Like Sliced Hot Dogs Through the Bars For training Purposes.

Basket Muzzle for Large Dogs is Generally Used by Large Dogs, Such As Shepherds and Dobermans.

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