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Lick Sleeve for Dogs

Surgery recovery,Dog pajamas,Dog recovery Suit
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Size: XS
Color: Dark Blue Stripes
Dark Blue Stripes Grey
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Size: XS
Color: Dark Blue Stripes
Dark Blue Stripes Grey
  • It is incredibly pleasant to wear and offers fantastic protection for dogs with skin issues because it is made of soft cotton material.
  • To stop dogs from biting or licking wounds, the lick sleeve for dogs was created. This will speed up the healing process. They safeguard your dog's health by covering the area of the wound and aid in reducing licking. A sense of security and anxiety relief can be provided by the wrapped design for the dog.
  • Designed specifically for medium/large dogs such as Huskies/Golden Terriers/Pit Bulls/American Bulldogs/Border Collies/Beagles/Rottweiler Mixes and even Large Dogs.
  • The four-legged design perfectly encircles your favorite dog. When wearing it, even girls can shield their bellies. You are free to remove the triangular portion of the abdomen from a boy.
  • Even in summer, ideal for everyday wear. Avoid shedding, avoid ticks, keep your home clean, grow seeds that stick to your dog's hair, and protect its hair from the sun.

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Introducing Lovepluspet - Lick Sleeve for Dogs this jumpsuit is great for everyday daytime and nighttime wear. Its 4-legged design wraps your dog perfectly to provide good cover for dog with skin issues as well as help prevent sunburn and reduce hair shedding.


  • Super soft and stretchy
  • Easy take on & off
  • Cone E-Collar Alternative, not annoyed when wearing
  • Avoid secondary injury and infection to the wound
  • Pets can eat and drink as normal
  • Pets are protected from themselves as well as from others
  • Helps keep patients warm during and after surgery
  • Long sleeves, better protection
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Multifunctional dog bodysuit


  • Polyester + Anti-ballistic cotton

More details

  • Dog Pajamas Lounge Clothes Menstrual Clothes Anti-Lick Post-operative Clothes are made of soft and comfortable material to provide extra warmth and comfort for dogs. They are often lightweight and breathable, allowing dogs to feel comfortable wearing them.
  • The clothing is designed to prevent the dog from licking or biting the wound, thereby promoting wound healing. They cover the wound area, preventing bacterial infection or further damage.
  • Some dogs may lick their coat or skin frequently because they are feeling unwell, which may lead to skin breakdown or other problems. Pajamas, loungewear, menstrual clothing, anti-licking post-operative clothing can help stop this behavior and protect your dog's health.
  • By wearing these garments, your dog will not come into direct contact with the wound area, reducing the risk of infection and trauma. This helps speed up the wound healing process and provides an ideal environment to restore health.
  • Your dog may feel uneasy or anxious after surgery or when they are unwell, and these clothing items can give them an extra layer of comfort and security. The wrapped design can give dogs a sense of security and help relieve anxiety.


  • It is the perfect combination of dog onesie and dog recovery suit and even the dog pajamas.
  • Compared to ordinary post-operative clothes, it is easy and comfortable to wear, and can be worn as pajamas.
  • It is more functional than regular pajamas, helping dogs recover and reducing hair loss.

Size measurement 

  • Back length: the length from neck to buttock
  • Bust: use a tape measure around the back of the front leg

Why Dogs Need the Recovery Suit?

  • The abdominal wound has not healed since the dog underwent surgery. Wearing a dog recovery garment is vital to keep the dog from licking or damaging the wound.
  • Keep your pet relaxed and, generally, stress-free. It will make everyone's recuperation process more enjoyable.
  • Wearing this recovery shirt is a great substitute for a cone and an E-collar since it allows the wearer to eat, sleep, and move around more comfortably than when they are wearing a cone.
  • Since this clothing is the ideal way to keep dog hair out of your home, car, and other places because some dogs have extreme hair loss. It can stop the dog from licking its hair as well.
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    Lick Sleeve for Dogs

  • Applicable Symptoms

    Surgery recovery,Dog pajamas,Dog recovery Suit

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  • Breeds

    Small Medium Large Dogs

  • Clean & Care

    Hand Wash Recommended

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By L***h on Oct 27, 2023

This outfit is better than I expected! This works great at stopping my car snowballs whenever my husky travels with me! Taking it out of the packaging, I expected it to have more of a plasticky polyester/spandex fabric, but the fabric is really nice and comfortable, like something I would buy for myself. The fabric isn't very thick (but definitely not cheaply thin), so it's breathable for long-haired, hot dogs. I like the looseness at the shoulders/elbows as it leaves more room for her to sit and lie down comfortably. All looked well sewn and looked like they would be durable, I ordered a large after following the size chart and taking her measurements. She weighs approximately 50-55 lbs and wears a medium/short length coat. She's currently very confused by the outfit (hence the stink face lol), but I think she'll get used to it soon. Product worth buying.

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