LOVEPLUSPET Soft Basket Muzzle Anti-Barking Licking Stop Eating Barking Muzzle Air Mesh Breathable Drinkable For Small Medium Large Dogs

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Item specifics

Product Name: Pitbull Muzzle Anti-Barking Licking Muzzle Air Mesh Breathable Drinkable Dog Muzzle For Barking
Material: Breathable Mesh
Idearal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs


Cold facts about dog muzzle mask

Why does a dog muzzle for barking?

In view of being responsible for their dog and others, now the excrement manager will wear muzzle to their dog when they go out, the purpose of which is to prevent the dog from accidentally injuring others or eating unclean things.

What's the harm of choosing the wrong muzzle?

As we all know, dogs use their tongues to dissipate heat. If their mouths are tied up, they cannot open their mouths to dissipate heat or drink water. There is no doubt that the dog is a kind of love torture, now on the market muzzle can prevent the dog bite, but at the same time can not spit heat, some or some inferior materials, stimulate the dog skin, so easy to get skin disease.

What's the difference between us and other muzzles?

This is a special muzzle developed by us for long-mouthed dogs. The best dog muzzle can not only prevent the dog from injuring others and eating poisonous food, but also can emit heat and drink water by itself. The material is made of Teslin net, which has no stimulation and no bondage to the dog's skin.

Product Features

All-around muzzle protection

Once properly in place, the mesh dog muzzle is highly effective at preventing your dog from biting and chewing. Ideal for vet visits, grooming and reactive dogs

Higgh quality & durable

Long-lasting reinforced Nylon stitiching and non-sticky hair breathable Mesh. The Edge of the muzzle has extra soft padding providing the ultimate comfort for your pet.

Idea for long snouted dogs

This secure muzzle is ergonomically designed for dog with long snout. Not suitable for short snouted dogs such as Pit Bull and Boxer. By selecting the right size, it will remain securely in place, and features easy to fit and secure Lock-on buckle and unique anti-slip design.

Adjustable & breathable

Adjustable at snout and neck strap. Keep the muzzle tight enough to control his bite, but loose enough to allow freedom to pant and yawn.

Triangle fixed anti drop off

More firm, do not fall off, no sense of bondage.

A variety of sizes, large, small and medium-sized dogs can wear, elastic adjustable design, the whole body breathable mesh material is not stuffy more comfortable, the edge of the fine flannelette wrapped anti-tightening and anti-scratching dog.

Aabke to drink

This muzzle can make it fit the size of your pet, and it is not easy to fall and will not prevent the dog from drinking water.

Able to give snacks

This muzzle will be an ideal tool to restrict your dog’s bad behavior, but it still allows give some snacks to award your dog.

Friend of mankind

Dogs are human friends. Use this muzzle to keep dogs away from danger and give dogs a better life.

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she hates it less than other muzzles I'm so glad I ordered this. It's for my dog that eats disgusting things outside. The muzzle is so lightweight and the mesh fabric is soft. She doesn't like wearing it, but it does look more comfortable than other muzzles. She did manage to get something through the opening above the nose once and eat it, but if I'm watching her, this muzzle gives me enough time to get to her before she can push anything down through the opening. She can still sniff around and do dog stuff.
This works on my dog!!!!! I have bought so many!!!! but this is the only one she cant take offfffff yeaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! DO YOU SEE MY EXCITEMENT!!
This is exactly what I was looking for with a slight modification. I had to sew the nose shut. My corgi was able to push her nose on the ground and get this off her nose. Which enabled her to eat.... well you know. WIth the nose sewn shut the problem is now solved.
We got size small for our 20 lbs pup but we’re going to have to exchange it for the XS. I like the general concept though and that we are still able to give him treats through it. We wanted something that will stop him from eating random stuff off the street and this looks like it will do the job.
My dog was on antibiotics and a special foot wash for weeks to try to clear un an infection that he just couldn't stop licking. The cone didn't work as his long snout could still reach. We tried everything and the vets ran out of ideas. This is what cleared up the infection. Whenever I couldn't be directly supervising my dog to encourage him not to lick his foot, I put this on and he couldn't lick. The infection cleared in days. The large size fits a standard poodle.
Our deaf puppy has separation anxiety and destroys everything while we are at work. We bought this hoping to slowly acclimate her to it so she will stop destroying. We have only had it for a week and had it on her for a hour at a time but it works well and she cant remove it or damage it. ( She has tried) We got a size medium. She is a bull mix of some kind. And right now weighs 35 pounds.
We’ve had this muzzle for two days. So far so good! I was happy to see a note explaining how to introduce the muzzle properly. My 7 month old puppy who eats everything doesn’t love it but doesn’t hate it. She can breathe very well, she can drink with it on. There is an adjustable strap behind her head so you can make it a good fit. She only has it on for 5 minutes when she goes into the backyard without a leash (If I were to leave it on her for a long time, she may be able to take it off). And it’s temporary - only until she outgrows the eating foreign objects stage, or until we can make the yard safer for her - removing rocks and woodchips.
My ten year old has a lick granuloma on his front knee from arthritis (which we are treating) and he won't leave it alone. We wrap it at night, but I wanted it to breathe during the day. This muzzle has worked out perfectly for our needs. It's very light weight, yet sturdy enough to keep its shape. Keeps him from licking, yet he can still pant and drink. However, if a dog really to remove it, they could, but I recommend for more complacent dogs or if you are home to supervise.
I bought this product to keep my dogs from eating garbage, poop, toxic mushrooms and marajuana, all of which they enjoy, or shall I say, crave. I bought size large. It seems to fit both of my dogs, and the strap is quite adjustable. They are still driven to eat poop while out on walks, and as you can see from the photos, they still manage to get poop in their mouths. One dog found that if he squishes his face into the poop, he can actually grab the poop with his teeth, then lick it through the mesh. The other dog found that if she finds fresher, soft poop, she can grind her snout into it, and get poop pushed through the mesh, and thus is still able to taste that delicious snack. Obviously wearing this doesn't curb their desire to eat disgusting things, but it does prevent them from swallowing large quantities of it, which is important to keep my vet visits down.
I got this muzzle for my very sweet but naughty labradoodle. He has a bad habit of biting his leg & tail and it would keep getting inflamed. The vet gave us all the wrong advice and his leg only got worse and worse. My family is hugely against muzzles as they find them inhumane but they love this mesh one as it is lightweight. He has no problem panting or drinking water or even eating treats that have been dropped into his muzzle. It doesn’t hurt him but obviously he tries his hardest to remove is but so far it’s very sturdy considering my dog chews through everything always. His leg has gotten much better and I have not noticed any poor changes in my dogs behaviour.
This is an excellent product to assist in controlling a dog that is prone to biting. It works very well. My dog was not able to get it off even after trying many times. He is not distressed from wearing it. I highly recommend this to keep a dog from biting. He is able to pant through it and keep cool.
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