LOVEPLUSPET Soft Basket Dog Muzzle Air Mesh Breathable Prevent Eating Pet Muzzle For Anti Biting Barking Licking For Small Medium Large Dogs

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Item specifics

Product Name: Dog Muzzle Pitbull Muzzle Air Mesh Breathable Prevent Eating Pet Muzzle For Anti-Biting Anti-Barking Licking
Material: Breathable Mesh
Idearal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs


Cold Facts About Dog Muzzle Mask

Why does a dog muzzle for barking?

In view of being responsible for their dog and others, now the excrement manager will wear muzzle to their dog when they go out, the purpose of which is to prevent the dog from accidentally injuring others or eating unclean things.

What's the harm of choosing the wrong muzzle?

As we all know, dogs use their tongues to dissipate heat. If their mouths are tied up, they cannot open their mouths to dissipate heat or drink water. There is no doubt that the dog is a kind of love torture, now on the market muzzle can prevent the dog bite, but at the same time can not spit heat, some or some inferior materials, stimulate the dog skin, so easy to get skin disease.

What's the difference between us and other muzzles?

This is a special muzzle developed by us for long-mouthed dogs. The muzzle can not only prevent the dog from injuring others and eating poisonous food, but also can emit heat and drink water by itself. The material is made of Teslin net, which has no stimulation and no bondage to the dog's skin.

Product Features

All-around muzzle protection

Once properly in place, the mesh dog muzzle is highly effective at preventing your dog from biting and chewing. Ideal for vet visits, grooming and reactive dogs

Higgh quality & durable

Long-lasting reinforced Nylon stitiching and non-sticky hair breathable Mesh. The Edge of the muzzle has extra soft padding providing the ultimate comfort for your pet.

Idea for long snouted dogs

This secure muzzle is ergonomically designed for dog with long snout. Not suitable for short snouted dogs such as Pit Bull and Boxer. By selecting the right size, it will remain securely in place, and features easy to fit and secure Lock-on buckle and unique anti-slip design.

Adjustable & breathable

Adjustable at snout and neck strap. Keep the muzzle tight enough to control his bite, but loose enough to allow freedom to pant and yawn.

Triangle fixed anti drop off

More firm, do not fall off, no sense of bondage.

A variety of sizes, large, small and medium-sized dogs can wear, elastic adjustable design, the whole body breathable mesh material is not stuffy more comfortable, the edge of the fine flannelette wrapped anti-tightening and anti-scratching dog.

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The medium works great for my treeing walker coonhound who loves to eat garbage and chicken bones off the ground on our walks. This will keep her from breaking another tooth. I even was able to wash it in the washing machine (remember to fasten the clips so they don't break in the wash). And took a couple days for her to get used to it, but it seems comfortable and now she associates it with going for a walk, so she gets excited when it comes out with the leash.
Perfect for my labrador This works great for my labrador. He has a tendency to eat anything he comes across while outside- leaves, sticks, grasses, etc., and sometimes this all gives him an upset stomach. This product solves that issue for us. My lab is 80lbs and the large size fits him perfectly.
I have two miniature poodles who would sometimes get into things (throw up later on) when I let them out in the back yard. I wanted to prevent this, and this muzzle is the very best at doing that.
My precious toy poodle experiences the outdoors by eating every kind of plant and earthly matter! Unfortunately, it makes here sick. I have been unable to teach her to stop, so I finally found this great mesh muzzle (Xsmall). She can drink and pant while wearing it, but is unable to eat stuff… SUCCESS at last.
I'm very happy to have found this muzzle. The design allows the dog to breathe and pant freely -- the latter is how a dog cools itself, so muzzles that tightly close the mouth endanger the dog's health. The big "basket" muzzles of wire or hard plastic also allow free panting, but I think the public perceives those as meaning that the dog must be vicious. This muzzle comes with a choice of trim color; I chose the pink to emphasize that my dog is not dangerous, just occasionally overprotective. The mesh material is also a plus: the lightweight nature makes it easier for my dog to accept, and makes it easier for me to fold and put it in my pocket. We've had it for about a month, and so far it's held up well, despite my dog's initial efforts to claw it off.
Exactly what I needed! The only muzzle I have managed to get on my nervous 2 year old shepherd. I think because it’s mesh all around he was more comfortable sticking his snoot in to explore and was able to get used to it more easily. He was able to drink with it on.
My puppy likes to put literally everything in his mouth, as puppies do. Taking him from walks has been a bit irritating since he would find things I couldn’t even see and put in his mouth. After getting this and using for our walks, the walks are better. Better not because I don’t have to constantly take things out of his mouth, better because I am allowed to work and train him more. My puppy doesn’t seem as distracted. He has become a great walking dog. We are slowly taking it off during parts of the walk and he is showing he has learned to ignore items on the ground.
Our six month old pitty mix has taken to this muzzle very well. She can drink and eat with ease.. this product has saved my house from being destroyed... the other older dogs like it alot too. Lol... over all great fit and very very happy.
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