LOVEPLUSPET Mesh Dog Muzzle Soft Breathable Short Snout Frenchie Muzzle For Small Pug Bulldog Dog Mouth Guard To Stop Eating Biting Chewing Barking

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Item specifics

Product Name: Short Snout Dog Muzzle Adjustable Breathable Mesh Bulldog Muzzle For Biting Chewing Barking Training
Material: Breathable Mesh
Idearal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs


The myth of dogs wearing muzzle

Ask: "The dog's mouth should be sealed, so that he can neither bark nor eat.

It seems to work, but it doesn't take the dog's feelings into account.

Science: Dogs don't have sweat pores, so they need to dissipate heat through their tongues and pads at the bottom of their feet. So a dog's mouth is its main source of heat loss.


Sealing your dog's mouth to prevent eating and biting is a no-no.

Therefore, we need to wear the right muzzle for the dog, which can prevent the dog from eating, biting, and can freely spit out the heat.

In the past, dogs had the impression that muzzles were meant to restrain them, which led to a very bad user experience for dogs. We had the same problem as many pet owners, but we wanted to reinvent a muzzle that was really dog friendly. We wanted to prove that dogs could live with muzzles.

Product Features

Material of dog muzzle mask

The dog muzzle is made of breathable mesh and durable nylon construction, make the dog's snout comfortable.

Adjustable strap

Adjustable nylon strap with a quick-release buckle,skin-friendly.


The dog muzzle for barking is very suitable for dogs that are hard to fit dogs with short snouts

Comfortable muzzles for brachycephalic dogs

Breathable Mesh Cloth- With exquisite edge,prevent the mesh from rubbing on eyes and nose.

Please refer the size chart under the images section to select the appropriate size.

Drink water to prevent biting

Glasses out of the way.

The tongue can stick out a bit of food that can be licked onto the ground.

Product Details

Product Display

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SizeMin Neck(CM)
Max Neck(CM)
Suitable Weight(Kg)
Suitable Age(Month)
M465614.5-21.5adult dog
Lover 55
over 55
over 22.5
adult dog

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my pug is maybe about 10lbs, almost 4months old and got him a size XS, as you can see it's just a little loose but that's okay cause he'll grow into it. this thing saved me from yelling at him for eating dirt everytime I take him out to go potty, and from chewing on my slippers. the opening is a feature I didnt think I needed because it allows me to give him treats! it's a must have if your baby eats just about anything!
It’s perfect! I’ve had two scares this year with my 2 year old frenchie eating things he shouldn’t. He’s also very Obsessive with constantly picking up anything. I got this to give me peace of mind. It fits great and breathable. It doesn’t restrict his mouth at all! I highly recommend it!
This has stopped the grass eating 100%. My dog isn't crazy about it, but it works. To make it a better experience for him, I give him lots of praise while putting it on. Then when I take it off he gets a small treat so he remembers it always ends well.
My 5 month, 22 pound Frenchie puppy looks like an alien with the mask on 😂 .... BUT it works PERFECTLY! When I would take her outside to poop, she’s want to pick everything up and eat it! ... EVERYTHING! (Imagine) YUK! At first she didn’t know what to make of it... but got used to it pretty quickly! I got the size small and after slight adjustment on the straps, it fit comfortably. LOVE IT! Highly recommend for puppies with issues. 😁
This is a great soft muzzle! We tried other brands but they were too large or too scary looking. The muzzle has a nice lining so it’s comfortable for our dog. The velcro is of high quality and is adjustable for multiple dogs of similar size. It even included instructions to help our dog get used to the muzzle, which we followed and it works great!
Size small fit my 16 lb shih tzu perfectly. I'm using it just when I clip his nails. Works great.
My Pug has decided that he really, really likes to eat dirt clods as a snack. It got so bad that you couldn't let him outside without him running over and gulping down some dirt. Unfortunately, he can't always tell the dirt clods from stones, and he has managed to swallow a few stones in the process. I tried using a cone and he got past that obstacle in a matter of seconds. This was a last resort so that I don't have to fly him over to another island for emergency surgery after eating rocks. The good: the fit is perfect, he actually doesn't seem to mind wearing it, visibility is good, and he can breathe easily.
This muzzle is really perfect. I have a Frenchton (French Bulldog and Boston Terrier Mix). I live in Florida and we have the poisonous toads everywhere. Now I feel save when a walk my dog after sundown. It's also great when I have to go to the vet. My dog does not like really like the muzzle but he is okay wearing it. Would recommend!
My pup is leery of men and one of my biggest fears is having to take him to a emergency vet and they are a male. To help lessen the stress I wanted to get a muzzle that was safe for a brachy breed but also comfortable for him to wear. I used positive reinforcement and treats and he could care less about having to wear it. It’s nice to have on hand if needed and traditional muzzles do not work for his smushy face.
I have a pug/shih tzu mix, no snout, flat face. He's decided to hunt the neighbor's chickens and has killed 2 so far. It was either a muzzle or being tied up when outdoors. He doesn't like the muzzle and pouts when he has it on but it works. It allows him to drink and lick his nose but he can't harm the chickens and not being able to bark and eat poop are an added bonus. He is 20 lbs with a head measuring 15 1/4 inches. The xsmall fits him perfectly.
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