LOVEPLUSPET Key Finder Item Locator GPS Keychains Bluetooth Tracker Anti-Lost Tag Alarm Reminder Selfie Shutter Control For Cats Keychain For Smartphone

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Item specifics

Product Name: Key Finder Item Locator GPS Keychains Bluetooth Tracker Anti-Lost Tag Alarm Reminder Selfie Shutter Control For Pets Keychain For Smartphone
Material: ABS
Idearal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Cats


Product Features

The meaning of the anti-lost device

With the progress of society and the acceleration of the pace of modern life, in the fast-paced urban life, people have more and more opportunities to go out, busy work and life make it easy for us to forget, and often can't remember where we put our handbags ? Or lose the phone? The pet loses carelessly, etc., so in order to avoid such things from happening, the smart anti-lost device came into being. The smart anti-lost device is small and exquisite, easy to carry, and is widely used for anti-theft and anti-lost purposes such as mobile phones, keys, wallets, bags, valuables, etc. Its distance can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range, with anti-lost, alarm sound, recording and other functions, power saving, and environmental protection performance is stable and reliable. Convenient and applicable, it is an indispensable small object in life.

This anti-lost device is a product based on Bluetooth 4.0 low power consumption. Through the mobile phone APP software, the user's easily lost items (such as keys, handbags and other items) are bundled together to prevent the loss of the items; you can even hang the anti-lost device on the children to ensure that the children are in your Line of sight; or hanging on your pets so you don't have to worry about them getting lost.

 1. Switch the machine

Power on: After pressing and holding for about 3 seconds, there will be three beeps, "Di Di Di", and the indicator light will flash rapidly for 10 seconds. If there is no connection and no button operation, it will continue to flash for 30 seconds every 2 seconds and then shut down.

 Power off: After pressing and holding for about 3 seconds, there will be a long beep of "di" and the indicator light will turn off.

 (The following operations are based on Redmi 5 plus for Android, version for Android, version for Apple, iPhone 6S plus, version 11.3.1 for IOS. If the system is different, the actual use of the mobile phone shall prevail, or it may be updated without prior notice.)

2. Add equipment

Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, enter the APP and skip the boot interface, and directly enter the "Add Device" interface

(The left is the Android APP interface, the right is the IOS APP interface, the same below, no further explanation)

Click the "Add New Device" icon in the interface, as shown in the figure.

After the new device is discovered, click Connect automatically. (At this time, you can also edit the device name as needed)

 After connection, click the alarm icon, as shown in the figure, you can hear the "DiDi" alarm sound of the anti-lost device, and then you can find the anti-lost device. The "didi" sound can be used for continuous calls, such as clicking the alarm icon again, the sound stops.

 Enter the setting interface, you can perform operations such as alarm ringtone and alarm distance, as shown in the figure; click "System Settings", you can view the recording file, and set the double-click option, as shown in the figure.

3. Take pictures

Using the camera function, click the anti-lost device to realize the photo-taking function.

 4. Positioning

The positioning function can only keep the position at the time of disconnection when the anti-lost device is disconnected from the mobile phone, and the positioning record can be found in the "lost record". To use this function, you need to turn on GPS and keep your phone connected to the network.

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