Dog Elbow Support Brace Front Leg Compression Suitical Recovery Sleeve For Hygroma Dysplasia Arthritis

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Item specifics

Product Name: Dog Recovery Suit After Surgery Dog Diaper Polyester Pet Surgery Recovery Suit With Washable Nappy Pad For Male Female Dogs
Material: Made Of Durable Denim
Idearal For Breeds: Suitable Small Medium Large Dogs


Product Benefits

Whether the wound is on the left or on the right, this product gives good protection.

Offers elbow and shoulder support and can help improve mobility in canines and felines with elbow hygroma, dysplasia, arthritis, and shoulder dislocation.

Helps wounds heal and protects your pet from elbow calluses and pressure sores.

Adapts paw-fectly to your pet for a secure and comfortable fit and provides protection while standing, walking, running, jumping, sitting or lying down.

Soft and breathable fabric provides compression and support in an extended period of use, while the elastic strap and snug fit offers flexibility and allows for easy mobility.

Safe to use, designed by veterinarians and tested on the most popular dog breeds for comfort, fitness and support.

Product Features

Provide your pet with the support she needs with Lovepluspet Dog & Cat Elbow Brace. This brace is paw-fect for furry friends with elbow osteoarthritis, hygroma, dysplasia, arthritis, bursitis and shoulder dislocation. It can also provide protection from elbow calluses and pressure joints, and can stop your buddy from licking the problem area—this ultimately helps wounds heal and speed up surgical recovery.

Softer and more comfortable fabrics

Gentler on the injured area, reducing the risk of secondary injuries.However, if the pet is very enthusiastic about the wound, it is still recommended to use it together with a protective cover.

Designed for pets in the middle to late stages of recovery

This dog protective front leg sleeve for surgical postoperative, skin diseases, suitable to cover salves, wounds, bandages, etc. In addition, reasonable design makes it is interchangeable for both front legs.

High quality fabric

Made by high-elastic breathable fabric denim,which can provide wound protection during outdoor activities and prevent dogs from tearing sleeves.

Multi-size and easy fit

This product is available in a wide selection of sizes. In order to make your dog more comfortable, please be sure to measure each value carefully before purchasing. Choose the correct size according to the size chart.

Product Details

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Size: M Our dog was licking a wound post surgery. Shes not a good or happy coned dog (are they ever?). We got this and it was perfect. She still continued to lick but by using a trimmed panty shield adhered to the sleeve, she was not able to access her wound, was absolutely able to function normally, as it fits like a glove. Huge hint for those trying to figure out how to put it on since it comes wifh no instruction. Put leg into sleeve with the open end to the undercarriage of the dog. Place the dogs second leg thru rhe opening, bring up and snap closed. It took my vet correcting us after a 3week incorrectly using. It wasnt an issue, just stays in place much better when placed correctly. This is easy to wash and i will use this for every dog moving forward. Anything to minimize the use of the cone of shame.
Size: L Our dog is a mixed Australian Cattle, lab and Pit. He is stocky and pure muscle. Measurements are NOT accurate, as I measured like they tell you in the listing and Mackie's measurements tell me extra large due to his chest. His legs are shorter and he's only 55#. I got a MEDIUM. It is almost too big. He was viciously attacked by two Black Labs while on a leash with my husband on a typical walk. This item has been perfect so far. No sliding of pads or bandages that are on the leg wounds. Leg part holds it in place. I recommend this product. Dogs come in different sizes and this item is stretchable with ample room to adjust. Do not purchase an Extra large unless your dog's chest is a to n larger than 31". Medium is good for our dog with a 31" chest and shorter legs. Good luck!
This thing has been a godsend!!! Our husky had a mass removed two months ago and she will not leave the incision alone long enough to heal. The cone wasn’t working long term because she kept bumping into things. Then we tried the dog pillow/donut that goes around her neck. That worked for awhile (she would occasionally slip it off and lick the wound open) but we were worried it was pressing against her throat constantly when she was sleeping (she started snoring loudly). We needed an actual solution... so I thought I wonder if they make a dog sleeve? Sure enough!!! This is EXACTLY what she needed!!! She was soooo excited to take the neck pillow off and wear this sleeve instead! I am hopeful her incision will actually heal now! It’s been about a week of her wearing it, and besides it stretching out a bit, nothing has changed. We just tightened it one notch. I will say when I measured her she was right between a medium and a large, I went with a medium based off of other reviews that said it stretched out (they were right!). I definitely plan on washing it soon, but if anything I’ll dry it on the delicate cycle (if at all). It looks like it would shrink in the dryer.
Size: L My dog got attacked by another dog and was left with two wounds on a front leg that both needed several stitches, one of which had to be closed with the help of buttons. This sleeve was a huge help in making her recovery more tolerable as my backyard is a forest with dirt and ivy and sticks and blackberries, etc., but also her favorite potty spots. There were lots of snaps on the sleeve, which made it easy to adjust for her size while also being secure. (She's a 60 pound lab mix, and I bought the large. Leg length was perfect, but she was on the small end of the girth. Still fit since the snaps made it so adjustable-- the was just a lot of overlap on the back.) The elastic cuff at the ankle was perfect to prevent dirt and dust from rising up into the wounds, and the sleeve protected her stitches and buttons from snagging on sticks and things. It also allowed her to be walked without a cone since it provided enough of a barrier to prevent the curious lick. (Don't leave your cone-prescribed dog coneless, though, when unattended! They could definitely do damage through the sleeve.) Vet approved since the cotton is breathable and the sleeve wasn't tight around the wounds. SO glad I bought this, but I hope i never have to use it again!
Size: M I can not express what an amazing product this is heaven sent for us and our dog that made an obsession out of licking a wound that was a tiny 3/4 inch surface scratch turning that into a larger than a 50 cent piece open wound down to the pink flesh. .she had licked off all of her hair and would lick her leg for hours while we were at was awful..we couldnt get her to stop.. we put on this product, it fit perfectly, it's comfortable to her, she acted like she was wearing a new outfit! She didn't try to get out of it, nor has she attempted to chew it off's breathable, fits perfect, soft but firm around the body and it's adjustable...what a God send!! Our little blessing was dumped off at our house as a pup so we never knew what she was, we think a mix of bulldog/ possibly dalmation..not sure..she is 50lbs, long lean legs and we ordered's perfect! Thank you to the creator of this product!!! UPDATE!!!! she's had it on a week, we took it off and washed it and dried it on low...DON'T DRY IT! it shrunk and now the sleeve is too short...i'm going to soak it and try stretching it back out again and let it AIR DRY...just wanted to tell people DO NOT PUT IN DRYER
Size: Large My dog couldn't control licking his front leg. He'd lick it until it became a granuloma. Then it would bleed. I used everything from socks, taped with paper tape, the collar of shame (didn't work plus he hated it) and also the spray the vet gave me to discourage his licking. When I spotted this on Amazon, I ordered it immediately. I would recommend this to anyone who has this problem with their fur babies. And you can use it on either leg. The sleeve fit nicely and didn't cut off circulation although it took me a couple of weeks to figure how to get the snaps that go around his chest to fit. Duh! This is fantastic!!!
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