LOVEPLUSPET Cat Grooming Brush 2-in-1 Wooden Daily Grooming Brush Massages Long Haired Cats

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Product Name: Cat Grooming Brush 2-in-1 Wooden Daily Grooming Brush Massages Long Haired Cats
Material: TPR,Wooden,Pig hair temples
Idearal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Cats


Product Features

A soft, curved knotting needle

Soft enough to remove loose, dead fur, hidden dirt, debris, without irritating your pet's skin and leaving scratches. Each pin with an "S" shape is useful for pets with straight or curly hair. The adaptive flexibility of our brushes eliminates all dragging, tearing, pulling and tearing, providing ouch for less brushing and pestering! Gentle and comfortable tip of dog or cat's mane.

Excellent  bristle

Soft bristle brush for easy removal of shed hair and dust. You can also use it to apply essential oils to your pet's fur to make it sparkle. Also, if you're having trouble letting water penetrate your pet's fur while showering, try this grooming brush. You can apply soap to its skin through its fur and then rinse it completely to prevent dirt, dead skin and soap residue.

To save time

Our brushes cut down on grooming time. Brushing with a regular brush can be time-consuming and painful for your pet. Large dogs can untie tangles quickly and gently with less pain. This means getting a healthy, knot-free coat in less time. Both you and your pet will notice the difference when you use it, and you'll never want to try another grooming brush.

Ergonomic and environmentally friendly treatment

The handle is designed to minimize physical exertion and discomfort, thereby maximizing efficiency. It has a non-slip grip that keeps your hands from slipping and your wrists from straining no matter how often you brush your pet.

Great gift for fur babies and pet lovers

Now you can brush your pet's hair painlessly! With this brush, your pet not only looks good, but feels great! It can comb and massage healthy fur for your pet to make your pet's fur soft and shiny; Your pet will love to be petted! This is perfect for long-haired cats and dogs.

Usage of comb

Sufficient ministry sufficient ministry: should brush downy ground, when lifting sufficient end, natural ground lifts along joint direction, do not bend forcibly.

Tail: The brush will sometimes produce fright, to the side of the voice gently brush.

Back and abdomen: Brush gently in the direction of the hair. The abdomen is a sensitive part, the movement should be gentle neck and head, the back side of the ears and around the neck are prone to curly hair, the brush should be gentle.

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Size: 23.5 x 7 x 6 CM / 9.25 x 2.75 x 2.36 Inch


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