LOVEPLUSPET Dog Muzzle Soft Basket For Long Snout Dog German Shepherd Greyhound Best Basket Muzzle For Barking Small Large Dog

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Suitable For Dog Breeds

All long snout dogs, suitable small medium to large dogs

Such as Pitbulls, Greyhounds, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Mastiffs, ect.

Product Highlights

Use on multiple occasions

Ergonomically designed free panting eating drinking

Effectively inhibits biting chewing and licking

Soft materials for comfort and easy to clean

Wide open front area for nose protection, over head strap for anti-slipping 

Product Details

This basket muzzle has a three-hole design for a wider view and smooth breathing of the dog. The tongue can dissipate heat but will not expose the mouth to prevent accidental ingestion

Your dog can breathe, drink, and even feeding while the muzzle can effectively inhibits biting chewing and licking

Very suitable for walking, grooming, training and visiting veterinarians, use on multiple occasions

Made of soft and natural non-toxic rubber, the pet muzzle is soft comfortable and flexible, which will not bruise the dog’s skin

Don't worry about food residues and soil and other difficult-to-clean filths, you only need to rinse with water to keep it clean


Muzzle is not suitable for wearing for a long time. It is suggested to untie the muzzle in about half an hour for food reward (subject to dog comfort response)

Measurement Method

Please measure your dog's size at least 2 times to ensure get the right size the best muzzle for your dog

Width Measurement

Measure around the circumference of the widest part of the muzzle, usually just below the eyes

Size Chart

Sutible Dog Breeds
XS16-20 cmJack Russell, Poodle, Yorkshire, Terrier, Fawn dog
S21-24 cmCorgi, Cocker Spaniel,Dachshund
M25-28 cmBorder Collie, Beagle, Spenger Spaniel, Shiba Inu
L29-32 cmLabrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Husky
XL33-36 cmGreat Dane, Doberman, Alaska, Boxer Dog


How to choose the best dog muzzle for your dog?

How do you train a dog to accept a best dog muzzle?

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Customer Reviews ( 10 )

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Large size fits Lab great Large size is great fit for 90 lb Aussidor, built like Labrador. Durable & light
We've only had this product for a short time. We're letting our dog get used to it and it seems to be working okay. Very sturdy, the clasps are strong enough and it doesn't appear to be uncomfortable it's just that it's taking a little time for our dog to get used to it. We followed directions to fit it and it works perfectly.
Great Customer Service Great Customer Service. Everything but the size for my muzzle was looking great but their customer service helped me out with changing the size for free :)
We are introducing a new puppy to an 11 month old GSD under supervision. Our GSD thinks the puppy is a cat and wants to chase and mouth her. We tried several muzzles but she couldn't pant and tried to rub it off creating a nose abrasion. This muzzle allows her to drink water, be given treats and to pant. It's very sturdy (I thought it would be soft and flimsy). We love this muzzle and she doesn't run to hide like she did with the other muzzles when it's puppy play time. We're very happy. (We did add a short buckle strap to link her collar and the muzzle together for added security.)
My dog may despise me for putting this on him, but it is much better than having to lock him in his crate all day while his less destructive brother gets to roam about the house. He is a bit of an escape artist but after two weeks of using it he has not been able to figure out how to get it off. I was surprised that the simple straps and buckles included are enough to securely attach the muzzle to the dog but it seems to work perfectly. -Update: After a month of working fantastic, Dio finally managed to get it off while I was away and by the time I came back there was not much left of the muzzle. It is a great product but far from indestructible if you have a hard chewer. I plan to get another in the future and try getting a section of belt to fasten the behind-the head strap to his collar so he can't slip it over his ears.
The size was a little large but made it work. Keep dog from licking
Comfortable and safe for my dog Exceptional muzzle for my boxer mix senior dog. He seems comfortable. He enjoys his walks and is able sniff without the ability to get unwanted materials in his mouth
First,I must explain.i have a black lab who has ultra sensitive paws.He is built like a rottie only higher and all muscle.when he was smaller and younger,we could lock ourselves in a room with him and cut his nails by chasing and holding getting 1 nail at a time. Now he is 11 years old,he won't let us touch his paws and vets won't knock him out to cut them. His paws are now like bear claws. He is an easy to get along with dog except for his nails. So, one toe got infected during the pandemic and he started licking.And licking.and licking until he had such a sore,it was terrible. We bandaged [or should I say attempted to bandage it] to no avail. He had licked it so bad we thought we were seeing bone or cartilage. And we love him so much.we put a cone on him. He was still licking. We thought if we took him to the vets they would remove his leg. BUT I sawMayerson nuzzles and said let's try 1 more thing. IT WORKS!!!!! HE was not happy but over several days he has gotten used to it.It was trial and error to get it to fit but we did it. And the wound has already started to heal over and we are so happy he will be our bestest not in the whole wide again! I can't thank you enough for this style of muzzle. It's less restrictive, he can open his mouth. Yes we have to watch him like a hawk cause we do have it on him for extended time. And your return policy is wonderful even though we didn't need it. Thank you again for your invention.
Great muzzle and instructions Great muzzle! Better yet, great directions teaching exactly how to train even a super skittish dog to calmly accept putting on the muzzle. Thanks!
I have been trying to find a comfortable muzzle for my two Scottish Terriers for a while now. They were isolated as puppies and not very well socialized when we got them so they’re wary of other dogs and we wanted muzzles to make sure walks were safe as possible. I tried a Baskerville muzzle but none of the sizes fit. Looked at measurements for other basket muzzles and nothing matched. I tried a different kind with just the Velcro band over their noses but it didn’t give them enough breathability while walking. Finally I found these and decided to give them a shot. These Mayerzon muzzles fit them perfectly, there is enough room to pant, drink and to take treats if I drop one inside and it feels well made. We will only be using them on walks where they’ll be supervised so I’m not worried about how long they’ll last. If you supervise your dog and noT allow them to try to get it off their face everything should be fine. I ordered a medium and a large because one of them had slightly bigger measurements than his brother but it turns out the medium fits both perfectly. Contacted the company and they were happy to send me the correct size. Now if only these came in some colors other than gray and black.
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