LOVEPLUSPET Dog Muzzle Soft Short Snout Muzzle Allow Drinking For Small Dog Bulldog Pug Best Basket Muzzle For Flat Faced Barking Dog Mouth Cover

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Suitable For Dog Breeds

All flat face short snout dogs, suitable small medium to large dogs

Such as Shih Tzu, Pug, English Bulldog, Pekingese, Boston Terrier, French Bulldogs, ect.

Product Highlights

Porous & breathable

Fashion design

Triangle anti-slip

Soft and metal free

Product Details

Porous and breathable mesh face covering keeps your dog comfortable in summer

Very suitable for walking, grooming, training and visiting veterinarians, use on multiple occasions

Helmet-type large surrounding design, unique design more fashionable

Gold triangle fixation method, more firm, anti-slip, no sense of bondage

High-quality neoprene material, non-toxic and odorless

No metal accessories, to avoid the dog to metal parts allergy


Adjust the tightness according to the size of your dog's neck.

Muzzle is not suitable for wearing for a long time. It is suggested to untie the muzzle in about half an hour for food reward (subject to dog comfort response).

Measurement Method

Select a best dog muzzle larger than the dog's muzzle according to the muzzle description.

Size Chart


Mouth PerimeterHead perimeterSutible Dog WeightSutible Dog Age
XXS38 cm30-35 cm5-8 Kg3-6 Month
XS42 cm36-42 cm8.5-11.5 Kg9-11 Month
S47 cm43-47 cm12-16 KgAdult
M54 cm48-54 cm16.5-21.5 KgAdult
L60 cm55-60 cm22.5-29.5 KgAdult


How to choose the best dog muzzle for your dog?

How do you train a dog to accept a best dog muzzle?

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Customer Reviews ( 8 )

Average Rating
Recent Reviews ( 8 )
Comfort Matters! This is a gentle muzzle, strong and secure. Used it for safety while my dog was having a very complete eye exam. Am happy with product.
Large fits well Just got it today and had it on him for like 3 minutes to test the first and size and I took it off. It fits perfect. It’s a large. He’s a male Doberman around 85 pounds.
Inexpenisve and works great! We bought 2 , one for each of our pit bulls, We have a new rescue and the girls are learning to get along. One is 80lbs the other is 55lbs. They stay on well, don't rub if done correctly. They can eat, drink, pant breathe like normal. My only negative is the Velcro strap on the outside doesn't work once fibers get in it. Cleaning the Velcro sucks. But we still found these to be the perfect fix for our problem. We will get more in future for sure!
Love this muzzle for her. This is the 4th one muzzle I’ve gotten(all different) cause the other ones didn’t fit her cause she has such a unique snout but this fit her perfect. I ordered an XL. She tries to attack other dogs and cats and becomes aggressive when she sees them. This kept her from eating things off the ground, kept her from barking and also biting. Has a strong double sided Velcro strip and she’s an muscle dog but couldn’t remove it. If you have an aggressive and muscular dog I would high recommend. 81 people found this helpful
We’ve only been using this for the past week, but it has worked great so far! Our dog is an escape master, and he’s recently taken to destroying bags and items around the house. He has some pretty serious separation anxiety, and he doesn’t do well in a cage. Trust me, I’ve read and tried all the training tricks. It got to where he was shaking when it was time to go into the cage, and he stress drinks water when he gets out until he throws up. We decided to try this soft muzzle for him, so he could be comfortable while we were gone but also not be able to get into anything and potentially hurt himself. We’ve left him about 3 times now for a work day, and he hasn’t been able to get the muzzle off, and he also hasn’t gotten into anything! He doesn’t even seem to mind when we go to put it on him! (He’s used to wearing a GentleLeader for walks, and the way it fits, it kind of mimics that.) He’s a pit bull/Boxer mix, who has kind of a short and wide muzzle, but an XL fits him great! (Side note: he hasn’t had any issues out of a cage until recently. I’m newly pregnant with our first, and I think all the changes are throwing him for a loop and leading to new misbehavior while we’re gone during the day, when it used to not.) Overall, it’s a great solution to our specific problem. It’s easy to use, and seems comfortable for him.
Nice and gentle A good design, easy to fit on my dog. I think I got a size slightly bigger though, so the velcro overlaps a bit, underneath, but it still works well.
I have a almost 3 month old German Shepherd and he is teething, everything is a chewy toy if left unattended!!! Every-THING & everyone But because he is still growing I want to teach him and the most humane way to stay off of people and things. He has toys and many. Well this muzzle fit him perfect and he seemed to understand the message. Also it will be very useful for when we go out, and he is around people that dont like dogs. Makes people feel safer and my baby will feel less tension coming from them too. Idk I'm just glad I have this and I will buy again if I lose it.
Please read all before making a decision. This was to Small for our 8 month old female lab dog. So I got it but its useless and I trashed it. Just make sure its gonna fit your dog before purchasing.
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