HISTOTREE Pet Flea Comb Cat Tooth Comb To Lice TPR Upgraded Long Handle Cat Hair Comb For Cats

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Item specifics

Product Name: Pet Flea Comb Cat Tooth Comb To Lice TPR Upgraded Long Handle Cat Hair Comb For Cats
Material: Metal,TPR
Idearal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Cats


Product Features

Pet flea comb

Pet combs have improved product design and teeth use a higher grade of metal, making them stronger than previous versions. Quality comfortable handle comb for grooming your pet.

Health benefits

Regular grooming with this dense pin comb is an effective way to remove fine objects and dandruff and keep your pet healthy and tidy. It also helps to monitor the condition of your pet's skin and coat.

Non-slip handle

You don't have to be too careful when using our pet hair combs for cats, dogs and other small animals. It has enhanced anti-skid handling to help avoid accidents. Specially designed for cats and dogs with all fur types.


Clean all hair before using this comb. This comb may be damaged if used on thick fur. H&h Pet recommends the comb for cats, dogs and other animals of the same size. To optimize grooming, use a comb regularly after using flea powder or shampoo.

Use caution points

The order of combing hair: start from neck, from front to back, from top to bottom successively, namely arrive from neck to shoulder first, next in turn back, chest, waist, abdomen, hind drive, comb hair again ministry, hind is limb and tail, comb a side again comb another side.

The method of combing: combing should be pulled along the direction of the hair quickly. Some people, when grooming a long-haired dog, only brush the long coat on the surface and ignore the combing of the undercoat (the fine hairs). Dog underhair, soft and dense, not combed for a long time, easy to form tangles, and even cause eczema, ringworm or other skin diseases. When the long-haired dog is carded, it should be carded layer by layer, that is, the long hair is turned up, and then the undercoat is carded.

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$10 Off Orders Of $79+
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