HISTOTREE Cat Grooming Brush Professional Double-Sided Undercoat Rake Stainless Steel Dematting Undercoat Rake For Cats

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Item specifics

Product Name: Cat Grooming Brush Professional Double-Sided Undercoat Rake Stainless Steel Dematting Undercoat Rake For Cats
Material: Stainless Steel,TPR,ABS
Idearal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs,Small Medium Large Cats


The order of combing

Begin by neck, from before backward, undertake successively by on and next, arrive from neck shoulder first namely, next in turn back, bosom, waist, abdomen, hind drive, comb hair ministry again, it is limb and tail after, comb a side to comb another side again.

Grooming techniques

The carding should be pulled quickly in the direction of the hair. Some people, when grooming a long-haired dog, only brush the long coat on the surface and ignore the combing of the undercoat (the fine hairs). Dog undercoat, soft and dense, long-term combing, easy to form tangles. When the long-haired dog is carded, it should be carded layer by layer, that is, the long hair is turned up, and then the undercoat is carded

Product Features

Double sided design

Pet grooming combs are available on 2 sides in 2 tooth types. The polishing rake starts on the 9 tooth side for stubborn pads and tangles, and finishes on the 17 tooth side for polishing and deglazing. Our depilation rake combs create soft, smooth and glossy coats for dogs and cats in a matter of minutes.

No scratches and pain

Designed for sharp and fine rounded teeth, our hair removal brush allows you to easily and safely remove MATS, knots, knots, and loose hair without irritation or scratching, making it the perfect solution for thick or dense double coats on dogs and cats.

Effective hair removal tool

This bottom rake gently removes loose hair and removes tangles, knots, dandruff and dirt. Our lawn harrows have non-slip handles to give you a firm and safe grip. Use a pet grooming brush to enjoy your grooming time.

Be pet-friendly

A double-sided depilator improves blood circulation for a healthier, shiny coat. Pet Grooming Tools pamper your pet - no discomfort! This pet grooming brush has rounded teeth to ensure your furry friend's skin is protected.

Great hairless comb for all pet lovers

Double-sided pet comb, our undercoat brush can transform your home from a hairy and frustrating place to a hairless paradise in an instant. The beauty tool would be a great gift choice for all pet lovers who are sure to love it.

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$10 Off Orders Of $79+
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