Doglemi Snuffle Mat & Toy

Doglemi Dog Snuffle Mat & Toy

Show your pup how it is to eat in the wild with Doglemi Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs. This feeding mat stimulates a dog’s natural foraging instincts by mimicking the hunt for food in grass and fields, stimulating their noses and brains to earn their meals. This mat is made using non-toxic and safe materials and also very durable. Make mealtime hunting experience for your furry friend with Doglemi Snuffle Mat.

Key Benefits

Doglemi Feeding mat mimics hunting for food in grass and fields, as your dog’s ancestors did.

Stimulates your pup’s nose and brain to find the food.

Doglemi snuffle mat made from sustainably sourced materials that are non-toxic and safe.

Perfect for all dog breeds from small to large.

Easy to clean—simply throw the Doglemi snuffle mat in the washer and dryer.


Intended for pets only. Remove all packaging before use. Doglemi Snuffle Mat is intended for interactive play during mealtime, not for chewing. Always supervise your pet during use. Do not leave product on floor between meals or in crates or kennels. Inspect product regularly and replace if torn, broken or damaged. Keep out of reach of children.

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