Dog Frisbee

What is a dog frisbee?

A dog Frisbee is a flat, disc-shaped dog toy. It is thrown with a flick of the wrist, and instead of “falling through the air” the way a thrown ball does, it glides through the air.
Use a Frisbee the same way you would any other fetch toy – you throw it, and your dog brings it back.
But it’s the gliding movement that makes a Frisbee a unique fetch toy. If thrown correctly, your dog can chase the Frisbee, leap, and grab it mid-air.
You might also hear a dog Frisbee referred to as…

Dog disc

Throwing disc

Flying disc


Types of dog Frisbees: Soft dog frisbee vs Hard dog frisbee

While out shopping, you’ll find two different types of Frisbees, each with pros and cons…

1. Soft dog Frisbees
If you are simply looking for a Frisbee to toss around your yard, a soft Frisbee should be your first choice.
Soft Frisbees are generally made from rubber, foam or nylon fabric and are designed to be easily thrown by beginners and experts alike.
More durable
Commonly available
Less accurate
More difficult to throw long distances
Can show drool marks
Best for: The casual throw at your local dog park

2. Hard dog Frisbees
A lightweight plastic Frisbee can be thrown farther, more accurately and float better than a Frisbee made from any other material. This quality makes plastic Frisbees the number one choice for those who compete in professional disc dog tournaments.
Easier to throw with accuracy
Can be thrown farther
Glide longer
Many professional brands can only be found online
If not regularly inspected, can cause injury
Need replacing regularly
Best for: Those who take dog games seriously
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