Dog Fetch Toys

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Dog Fetch Toys

Whether it’s a dog ball that squeaks or a ball that makes your dog leap, Chewy has the best dog fetch toys your four-legged friend will love. Chewy carries only the best dog balls brands pet parents need to keep their dogs active, healthy and happy. Experts say dogs should partake in 30 to 60 minutes of exercise each day. Factors like age, breed and health can help you determine just how much exercise your dog really needs to stay healthy. Playing fetch with your dog with a flying disc dog toy or a dog stick toy is one of the best ways to help your pup play their way to a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s at a park, the beach or your backyard doggie playtime is even more fun with fetch toys. Help your pup play their way to a better lifestyle with balls and fetch dog toys from LOVEPLUSPET's online pet store.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fetch Toys for Dogs

What are the best fetch toys for dogs?

The best fetch toys for dogs are balls, sticks, discs, rope toys, rings and other toys that fly far when you throw them. Tennis ball-type dog fetch toys are a classic, and you can amp up the fun by using a dog ball launcher to make them go farther. Choose a disc or boomerang fetch toy for use in a park or wide-open yard. Rope and ring toys work both for fetch and tug-of-war, while stick-shaped toys are best for those pups who are always picking up sticks. You can really use any of your dog's favorite toys to play fetch, just make sure they're durable enough to withstand all that throwing and carrying around!

Do all dogs need fetch toys?

Some dogs naturally play fetch, while other dogs may need some encouragement or may not particularly enjoy it. Genetics may play a role in whether your dog naturally knows how to play fetch and likes running after toys. Some dogs, especially hunting and retriever breeds, seem to be naturally wired to do it. Try showing your dog how it's done using dog balls or dog discs, and see how eagerly he picks up on it.

How can I get my dog to play fetch?

You can get your dog to play fetch with a little patient training. Start by encouraging your dog to chase the fetch toy first. Then, call him back once he has picked up the toy. Use treats and praise as motivation throughout the process. If your dog will chase, but won't bring the toy back, try tying it to a rope and pulling it gently back to you. You may need to work on the steps with your dog and experiment with different dog fetch toys to see which ones he likes best.

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