Dog Diaper Pads & Liners

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Diapers

What are dog diapers and wraps used for?

A dog diapers and wraps are used for absorbing accidents from male dogs with urinary incontinence. Also known as belly bands, belly wraps or male wraps, they are less confining than diapers and a good choice for older dogs, younger dogs potty training, and those who exhibit marking behaviors. They come in in a range of sizes to fit all dog breeds. Choose from disposable or washable, reusable types.

How often do you change dog diapers?

Change dog diapers often to avoid unwanted smells, skin irritation and rashes from trapped moisture. You should change your dog's diaper any time she fully urinates or messes in them. If you use quality dog diapers, minor urine leakage and spotting will stay safely absorbed and away from the skin for longer, allowing for longer times between changes. Be sure to change diapers at least once a day to prevent irritation and ensure good hygiene.

How do you get dog diapers to stay on?

Get dog diapers to stay on by choosing the right size and type for your pup. Dog diapers fall off or are pulled off more often when they are uncomfortable or do not fit properly. Choose a dog diaper that is adjustable and comfortable for your dog to wear and fasten it according to the package directions. There are many styles and designs of dog diapers, so you may have to experiment with different types to find the best fit. Male dogs with urinary incontinence may feel more comfortable with a male wrap or belly band instead of a full diaper. Choosing a lightweight diaper may help it stay on better, too.

How do I make my dog comfortable with diapers and wraps?

Make your dog comfortable with diapers and wraps by using positive reinforcement. Give your dog treats and praise when you first put on the diaper and try to distract him with play if he tries to get the diaper off. It may take a while for your dog to get used to wearing diapers, so be patient and supportive as your dog makes the transition. Make sure the canine diapers you have chosen fit well and are fastened securely, as comfort and fit play a big role in how comfortable your dog feels wearing diapers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Pads

What are dog pee pads?

Dog pee pads are absorbent pads designed to protect your floors from urine. Dog pee pads can be used for potty training puppies or for times when you cannot take your dog outside to urinate. Dog pads can also be used to line a dog crate or carrier, and they can be used to protect furniture from accidents, as well. Dog pee pads are sometimes known as dog wee wee pads, training pads or potty pads.

What are the best kind of dog pee pads?

The best kind of dog pee pads will be absorbent, non-slip and feature leak protection to protect your floors. Odor-absorbent dog pee pads can be great for locking in odor, especially if the pad will be used in an enclosed space like a crate or bathroom. Some of the best dog pee pads for training will also include an attractant that helps guide your dog to do his business there. You can also find washable, reusable pee pads for dogs.

How do I get my dog to use a pee pad?

Get your dog to use a pee pad by leash-walking him to the pad and issuing a command like "go potty". You may need to cover a large area with the pee pads while your dog is still learning to use them. Keep walking your dog to the pads and issuing the command until he goes. Then, reward him with treats and praise to reinforce the desired behavior. With consistent training and patience, most dogs can successfully learn how to use pee pads.

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