Dog Chew Toys

Dog Chew Toys

Whether your pup is a cuddly small breed or a wild big guy there's one thing all canines have in common, and that’s a love for dog chew toys. Chew toys for dogs can be used for a game of fetch, for chew play and for cleaning canine teeth. While humans chew primarily to help with food digestion, dogs chew for numerous reasons. You probably lost a pair of shoes or two to your puppy while they were teething. Puppies chew because it helps soothe the pain of teething so consider puppy teething toys. High energy dogs often chew out of boredom so consider dog toys for exercise.

Anxious dogs chew to relieve stress. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety may chew out of an escape attempt, but most of all dogs chew for fun. Keep your pup from chewing household items, by investing in chew toys. When shopping for a chew toy you’ll notice that almost no two chew toys are alike. That’s because there’s a chew toy for every dog preference. When deciding between chew toys, consider the function of the toy. If you’re looking for an item prime for play, consider cotton rope and bone tug toys. These chew toys allow you to tug and play with your pup as they relieve the urge to chew. Dental chew toys help your canine keep up with oral care while having a fun chewing experience. KONG chew toys make for great durable dog chew toys. They’re made with ultra-durable rubber for a long-lasting toy perfect for chewing. LOVEPLUSPET teething toys help with the pup who can’t help but chew. Chew toys come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy for you to get the perfect sized toy for your precious pup. Shop the best dog chew toys on LOVEPLUSPET today.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Chew Toys

What is the best toy for a dog who chews?

The best toy for a dog who chews will be durable enough to withstand constant chewing. Some dogs are rougher chewers than others, so be sure to choose a toy that fits the chewing style of your pup. Harder nylon or rubber toys, sturdy rope toys, and other chew toys that feature strong construction can be great choices for dogs who chew.

What is the best chew toy for a large dog?

The best chew toy for a large dog will need to be appropriately sized and indestructible enough for his larger mouth and increased power. Look for chew toys made specifically for larger dogs and discuss good chew toy options with your vet, as well.

What chew toys are safe for dogs?

Chew toys that are safe for dogs include a range of different options, but the safest choices will depend on your dog’s size and chewing intensity. Smaller, gentler chewers can use a range of chew toys, but if your dog is a vigorous chewer, you will need to get chew toys that are more durable. Be sure to choose a chew toy that is appropriately sized for your pup, as well. Too-small chew toys can pose a choking hazard, while those that are too large or too hard can be difficult to chew and may even cause mouth or tooth damage.

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