DOGLEMI Dog Leg Brace Back Hock Ankle Support For Dogs For Torn Acl Injuries Luxating Patella

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Item specifics

Product Name: Dog Knee Brace Supportive Dog Canine Rear Leg Hock Joint Wrap Protects Wounds Compression Brace Heals Prevents Injuries Sprains
Material: Neoprene
Idearal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs


Product Features

360º support

A dog with a leg injury is prone to secondary injuries when jumping or running, so it needs a sheath to prevent more serious injuries.

The auxiliary belt can ensure stability and improve the balance between the muscle groups to provide comprehensive support and prevent the injury from evolving into a more serious situation.

Relief the pain

Relieve the pain after surgery, is conducive to dog recovery after surgery, prevent wound infection and even deterioration.

(Remove the sheath 2-3 times a day and let the wound breathe for 10-15 minutes each time)

Put on a protective cover to protect the joints

Provides protection and stability, helps to protect the wound after the operation, stabilizes after fatigue injury and recovers from the arthritis of the hocks, to prevent the dog from licking or touching water to cause secondary wound infection.

Fast recovery

Optimal joint temperature can increase blood circulation, improve oxygen delivery, and improve performance to speed up recovery.

If the wound is serious, simply wrap the wound with gauze and then wrap it with our dog leg guard to prevent licking and chewing the wound.

Why are joints prone to problems?

There is almost no fat and muscle at the joints of the forelegs of dogs, and they are almost covered by skin. When the dog is lying on the ground or lying on its side, the front leg joints will be pressed tightly on the ground. When it lies on the ground, the weight of the upper part of the dog's body is pressed on the joints of the two front legs when lying on its side, and a small joint bone on the side will also make the skin soft and rub the ground. If this situation persists for a long time, it will have a certain impact. Some dogs with larger body and longer legs tend to fall heavily when lying down. The two front legs.

The joints will be smashed heavily on the ground, which is also the cause of the joint disease of the dog's front legs.

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Size: L Our yellow lab, Rex, has arthritis in both rear leg knees and has been diagnosed as having ruptured ACLs in both. Prior to getting the Labra braces, he had great difficulty in standing and walking (he is scheduled for surgery in the near future). In the interim the Labra supports have been extremely helpful in enabling Rex to rise and take walks with a minimum of support from us. Great product, particularly for dogs with severe instability.
Size: S My dog is a very senior lab with wobbly bad legs. I was a little concerned after reading the reviews where it would not stay up. I thought my lab would be a large or a medium. After measuring her, she was actually a small due to the atrophy in her legs. I highly recommend that you measure your dog according to the chart. If you order as it recommends it should be perfect. This has given my dog new life. She is even running in spurts again. Easy to put on and she is very comfortable with it. Thank you.
Size: MediumVerified Purchase This brace worked better than I imagined. Our 80 lb cattle dog has osteosarcoma in his rear leg, and was in pain, guarding it and afraid to move. We put lidocaine patches on his leg and covered with this brace. It keeps the pain patches in place and protects his leg from further injury. He’s much more mobile and confident. I just want the rest of his life to be happy and comfortable.
Size: L This helped right away. Our 13 year old cocker has a rear leg luxating patella. Although this brace is NOT a knee brace, it gave her immediate support. She’s able to get up easily, she’s not falling and she’s no longer limping. The Velcro is super sticky so it takes some patience on her part and mine to put the brace on. I just remove two of the straps and slide it off when it’s time for a breather or bedtime. It’s great to see her strut and hop with a big grin on her sweet face again!
Size: S Great company. This brace has been helping mY French Bulldog to heal from a torn ACL. It’s been two weeks and I. You’ve a difference. Just make sure you remove it at night. I keep it on her from the time I awake to when I retire for the night. Owner is an amazing guy. Great customer service and you can tell he really stands behind his product André best if all, he stands besides our animals and champions them! Amazing Seller! Thank you!
Size: M My dog is about to turn 14 and has mobility issues: his rear legs/hips are unstable; he needs help to stand and he falls easily. He still wants to play ball every day and adding the leg wraps has helped him stay on all fours. Also, he has a pressure sore below one of his hocks and the leg wrap offers perfect protection for that. In fact, after wearing the legs wraps for only a few days (a few hours at a time), the pressure sore is almost gone. So... I am thrilled with these wraps for their support and as a protective cushion.
Size: L I only just got this today, but I’m already impressed. My poor dog hasn’t been hopping around on 3 legs for the better part of the last month (late night jog, he pulled a bambi on a patch of ice). I’ve tried not to move him too much but he is an Aussie so that’s not really possible. Put this on as soon as I got it and I swear he was walking better within five minutes. Based on that, I risked a car ride (even getting in and out was too much before). When he climbed out and walked away on all four legs, I honestly nearly cried I was so happy. So I risked taking him for a very slow walk around the block and he made it the whole way using all four legs. Fingers crossed that this will be the help we need. So far so good!
Size: M My pup is 3 yo. I got him as a wee pup from a shelter and his lineage is unknown. He injured his right hind, after which I confined him to the degree practicable and that is as “fair” to him as sensibility allows. His improvement was very visible for the first 6 weeks of confinement, at which point it appeared as if the improvement process plateaued. I felt a hock brace would give him the support needed to fully recover. So, I ordered this brace in medium on the basis of his height and weight. Medium was too large. I was disappointed because I could just “see” how his recovery could benefit from the brace - if it fit. Communication with Labra was surprisingly good concerning the size issue and they sent a small size in a very timely manner. In a 5 star rating system, I give them 5 stars, but to be more clear - I rate this outfit “excellent”, 100 out of 100.
Size: M My 10 year old lab mix has spent the last year limping and getting around less and less due to arthritis. My sister suggested this brace that she purchased due to an injury in her dog. Ollie is so happy when I put it on him. He has his old pep back now that he can put weight on his back leg. Thanks so much. It’s well made and easy to put on. He wags his tail when he sees me coming with it in the morning to put it on.
Size: XL We purchased these for our Older lab that has problems with both back legs due to age and old injuries. He was favoring is right leg and putting minimal weight on it and having problems jumping up on the sofa at night to snuggle. Within 10 minutes we noticed a drastic change and a much happier and secure pup. He is now putting weight on both legs, running and jumping with ease. We Totally would recommend this product to help your fur babies dealing with pain get a spark of relief in any way they can without pain meds or expensive surgeries.
Size: S This brace arrived quickly and appeared very well made. I had some issues with the fit, due to my pupper's weird body shape. I ordered the small for a 21 pound Chi-poo (Chihuahua-Poodle) who has a longer body and shorter legs; think turkey drumsticks... The length was ok, almost too long but not quite, however his leg above the joint (hock) was too fat for the Velcro to seal. If you look at the product picture the dog's leg has 3 sections: the thin area before his hock-just above his foot, then the slight thicker area just above the hock, and then his thick thigh/butt area starts above the brace, where the picture ends. My dog basically has his hock, and then his thigh begins. If I really stretched it I could just get it, but then it was so tight it would slide down. The seller was absolutely great about resolving the issue. I would definitely recommend this brace if your dog needs some hock support and does not have legs similar in shape to turkey drumsticks
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