Cat Chew Toys

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Chew Toys

Do cats need chew toys?

Cats do not need chew toys the way that dogs do, but they will often chew on their toys in the course of play. Young kittens will often chew to relieve the discomfort of teething, and adult and senior cats can benefit from the cleaning action of dental cat chew toys. Be sure to choose toys that will be safe for your cat to chew and to get kitten-safe teething chews if you have a kitten.

Is it normal for cats to use chew toys?

It is normal for cats to use chew toys, as they enjoy sinking their teeth into their imagined "prey" as they play! Younger cats will often chew to relieve the discomfort of teething, and many adult cats enjoy chewing on dental sticks and cat chew toys, as well.

What are the best cat chew toys?

The best cat chew toys are made of durable, cat-safe material and sized correctly for the mouths of cats. Be sure to choose only cat chew toys made specifically for cats. Dental cat chew toys can provide healthy plaque removal and breath-freshening benefits, and cat teething toys are great for teething kittens.

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