LOVEPLUSPET Dog Muzzle With Metal Wire Basket For Large Dog German Shepherd Pitbull Rottweiler Doberman No Bite Strong Safety Adjustable Cage

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Suitable For Dog Breeds

Medium to large dog

Such as Pitbulls, Greyhounds, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Mastiffs, ect.

Product Highlights

Strong metal basket & strap

Soft flannel protects

Adjusted length

Not Deformed or Broken

Easy cleaning

Product Details

This dog muzzle prevents biting, chewing, and licking of wounds, and your dog can pant, drink water.

Very suitable for walking, grooming, training and visiting veterinarians, use on multiple occasions

Breathable & comfortable basket muzzle design can maximize the heat dissipation of the dog's tongue, and can breathe comfortably in the hot summer.

There are two freely adjustable straps on the wire basket muzzle, allowing you to adjust it to make the muzzle fit perfectly to keep it stable and ensure that it won’t be removed off by your dog.

Dog Muzzle With Metal Wire Basket, which is strong and durable to avoid rust, and thick flannel strap, softer and skin-friendly than traditional leather straps


Please measure before purchasing, and choose the appropriate size according to the dog's snout circumference, head circumference and snout length

This is not a small dog muzzle

Measurement Method

Snout Circumference Measurement

Measure the circumference of the muzzle below the dog's eyes.

Length Measurement

Measure the distance from the tip of the nose to the base of the nose just be low the eyes.

Head Circumference Measurement

Measure the circumference of the head behind the dog's eyes.

Size Chart


Head Circumference

Snout Circumference

Snout Length
S15-17 inch / 40-44 cm11-13 inch / 30-34 cm2-4 inch / 7-10 cm
M17-19 inch / 45-48 cm13-15 inch / 35-38 cm
2-4 inch / 7-10 cm
L19-23 inch / 49-59 cm15-20 inch / 39-51 cm
3-5 inch / 9-12 cm


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Customer Reviews ( 7 )

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Se ve maravillosa puesto ! Me fascino !
It looks extreme but is actually really comfortable for the same reason it looks extreme it doesn't press on the skin right under the dog's eyes because of the eye holes it's nice
I have a 70 lb. german shepherd mix mutt. I got this because he likes to chew up everything. I thought we could use this instead of putting him in his crate for hours while we are at work. This muzzle is heavy. I got a small and it fit him well and was tight. It took him less than 30 seconds to pull it off.
The padding is phenomenal. Our dog looks like he stepped out of the Renaissance era. 😁 I put his collar through the big loop at the back of his head along with the attached strap and it stays put. He loves getting cookies through it. We do not leave him unattended, he wears it only when needed. The quality seems top notch, not flimsy by any means. Doesn't look like stainless though, more like chrome plated so we'll see how it lasts.
I would highly recommend this muzzle. The problem is that I have a mixed breed. The muzzle was not wide enough for him at the underneath of the muzzle. The quality of this muzzle is exceptionally well built, the cage is very well welled, no sharp edges, and very strong. The muzzle’s padding is excellent as well and any dog would be comfortable with no problems. The muzzle itself is also gorgeous in design. I just happen to have an oddball dog. Make sure to measure the dog and definitely allow extra room.
We bought this for our wolfdog, fit is on point and was the best muzzle, per her, compared to other muzzles that were plastic or silicone (she HATED the silicone one even though it looked so comfy). Although she is not an aggressive dog per se (aside from being picky about which dogs she likes in general [huskies are her fave]), she became aggressive towards the new husky puppies that we had purchased for her to be her companions after her bestfriend passed away and she became depressed. Though the puppies loved her, she didn't and would exhibit aggression. So to break the ice, we bought several muzzles and this one was the one she preferred the most. She didn't paw at it as much, the cage did not poke or choke her, it was easy to give her treats, she still was able to drink water, just not bite the puppies. It sat in her nose bridge comfortably and it was long enough to have space between the cage and the tip of her nose (some muzzles were not long enough and her nose would press on the cage, big no-no). She also had a hard time getting it off so that was a plus on our end. I will say that, being a metal cage and all, it does hurt when she pressed her head onto my leg or bumps it on us, but it's a price I'm willing to pay so that eventually she just calms down and accepts the puppies, which after 1.5 months she finally did and no longer needs the muzzle. I still keep it because on outings with other dogs, she's can be a little unpredictable. It does make her look like Hannibal, but that's a plus really lmao. if you have a large, long nosed dog and need a muzzle, this is the best. It's truly durable, sits more comfortably compared to other muzzles, sized just right so that it has room between the nose and cage, and difficult for dogs to remove. Highly recommend!
El material es neopreno de calidad y la canastilla permite que no se queden sin aire si tienen que realizar ejercicios muy aeróbicos, además, pueden beber agua aún con él puesto. Hay que tener cuidado al colocarlo y de preferencia fijarlo a la banda del collar normal que traen, ya que si solamente se amarra atrás de las orejas, pueden andarlo jugando y si su cabeza es esbelta (tipo belga malinés), pueden llegar a quitárselo. Lo uso en pastores Alemanes de trabajo y ellos no tienen mayor problema. Lo recomiendo.
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